The Key to Wellness is Balance

In response to your recent email about Pondera regarding claims and results, the following will address these issues: Eicosanoids, pronounced (AI-KOS-A-NOIDS), are the body’s super hormones. Every living cell of our body produces these hormones. …

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Reboot Part 5 – Bring It All Together For a Well-Oiled Machine

In this section we’ll explain how to turn all of these daily health goals into weekly, monthly and ongoing progress. We’ll explain how to properly form “good habits” and what to do when your schedule or your empty refrigerator might stand in your way. Benefits of this section: A happier and healthier YOU that will never want to go back to the way things used to be. It’s a profound feeling when you reach the point of realizing that you’ve been living life with chains on for as long as you can remember. All you needed were the keys to the shackles, and would never have thought it could be this easy.