Hydration And Sleep Can Do Wonders For Your Mind and Body

What’s the very first thing that happens when someone is admitted to the hospital?  Administration of fluids via IV is not only for the purpose of sending medication into the body quicker, but also to rule out the MANY symptoms of dehydration.  It is well known that 75% of Americans are clinically dehydrated.  This is a simple fix, and is among the easiest and most beneficial adjustments you can make.  After reading this you’ll never view a glass of water the same again.  Benefits of this section:  Lessen the effects of joint and muscle pain, swelling, inflammation, headaches, unhealthy cravings, irritability and “brain fog”.

Reboot Part 1 – Break the Spell of Sleep Deprivation and Odd Routines

When we were children our parents supplied us with a routine (and rightly so for our growth and development).  There is an optimal time for you to sleep and to wake.  There’s a time to eat, rest, snack and be active. Polls reveal that Americans average far less sleep per night than is clinically suggested, and fewer people enjoy a normal daily routine.  Benefits of this section:  Get as close as possible back to a rested and energetic state while attacking fatigue, depression, concentration issues and slow/poor decision making.

Reboot Part 3 – Balance Your Nutrient and Mineral Intake In a Few Simple Ways.

Conditions ranging from minor aches and pains all the way up to chronic disease can be caused or contributed to by the lack of proper nutrients in your body chemistry. We’re conditioned to “pop a vitamin” or “eat something healthy” when we’re not feeling 100%. This helps sometimes, but what you might not know is that there are MANY nutrients your body needs that are held in storage until the container overflows or until your body desperately needs it. These take time to build up and maintain. Benefits of this section: There’s nearly an endless list but the most common benefits observed are better sleep and greater energy, mental acuity, improved immune system and fewer “off” days.

Reboot Part 4 – Life-Changing Activity and Exercise Can Begin With A Single Step

You don’t need a personal trainer or a drill sergeant to get on your way to feeling better. Whether you’re gaining in age or hustling eight hours a day at a desk there’s nothing stopping you from getting in a little activity. There are very few predictions more reliable than gauging a person’s overall health by the amount of physical activity they participate in. From lifting soup cans to running a mile, nearly EVERYONE is capable of doing something. Benefits of this section: Increased energy, mobility, self esteem and lower cardiac risk, less inflammation and decrease in irritability and depression.

Reboot Part 5 – Bring It All Together For a Well-Oiled Machine

In this section we’ll explain how to turn all of these daily health goals into weekly, monthly and ongoing progress. We’ll explain how to properly form “good habits” and what to do when your schedule or your empty refrigerator might stand in your way. Benefits of this section: A happier and healthier YOU that will never want to go back to the way things used to be. It’s a profound feeling when you reach the point of realizing that you’ve been living life with chains on for as long as you can remember. All you needed were the keys to the shackles, and would never have thought it could be this easy.