Pondera Price Drop and COVID-19 Response

We have some great news to share with you! We are reducing the price of Pondera to $119.00 and offering free shipping. This is in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

We, at Pondera, want everyone to experience this product and have there bodies ready to mobilize to build resistance to be able to combat COVID-19 or any future pandemic.

While many people may be waiting for a cure or vaccine, it has always proven difficult to find vaccines for coronaviruses. And vaccines aren’t always 100% effective. We are up against a viral pandemic that quickly mutates to another form, making immunization almost impossible.

I’m talking with many physicians in various fields they all agree that massive inflammation occurs in the lungs, and kidney and liver and pancreas. Pondera underwent multiple human studies and great results were seen in liver, kidney, and pancreas laboratory data. This tells me that Pondera can possibly assist these organs. The human studies also revealed there was an impressive reduction of inflammation seen on enzyme studies and patients responses.

I hope you consider Pondera to help you be ready for bodily challenges, and considering it is under $4 per day, what have you got to lose?

Dr. Sterling Wood

Get Your Life Back & Feel Great!

Pondera is a nutritional meal replacement powder made from olive oil, high quality whey protein and fiber rich carbs that provides essential nutrients to balance the body and improve your overall health.

We want everyone to make a positive change in 2020, so we are offering 50% off your first order and all orders for the rest of the year in 2020.  Use code: 2020 at checkout and begin living a healthy lifestyle!