3 Major Factors for Staying Healthy and Living Longer

Updated May 2017:  Controlling insulin levels, blood sugar levels and free radicals in your body can promote Anti-Aging, and help keep you living longer while staying healthy.

As the years go by we’ll need to ward off sickness, disease, arthritis, joint problems, obesity and possible mental lapses of depression.  Keeping positive, being active and building a strong immune system will help your body ward off these life-long predators!

The good news is that humans are living longer today than any other period throughout history.  The bad news is, are we really living?

As you age and seek to increase life longevity, will you seek to attain quality longevity?

  • Will you be able to play with your grandchildren?
  • Can you drive into town and enjoy a great restaurant?
  • Do you want to go for a nice walk, jog or run?
  • Would you like to be able to swing a golf club and walk 18 holes?
  • Could you leave on vacation without having to worry about taking medication?

We are living longer but its the quality of life that needs to be preserved!

The risk of diabetes and high blood pressure  increases from years of eating bad foods, thus we’re managing ourselves on medication and dealing with drug side effects.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that these won’t be a problem until you are older.  The fact is people are seeing these effects begin in their 40’s, and sometimes even sooner.  The best medicine is prevention, and making the right choices to promote a healthy turnaround when you’re already suffering from these things.

The great news is we can begin to take control and prevent these scary scenarios, and if we’ve already started to go down the wrong road, we can set aim to get our lives back!  The bad news is the public doesn’t have the correct knowledge on how to prevent or regain control.  This isn’t the public’s fault because we trust what we see on television and the advice we’re getting from doctors and pharmaceutical companies.  Physicians don’t have many options except for the solutions they provide, and believe me when I say that most physicians really do care about your health.  A pill or injection can produce a fairly predictable result and doesn’t rely on whether or not their patients will commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Here are 3 factors that keep you healthy, allow you to remain active and live longer:

1.  Insulin Levels

The Number 1 culprit in aging!!!

The more insulin you have in your bloodstream, the more your body struggles to maintain consistency.  This leads to a number of common health issues that many of us don’t even know the cause for.  Increased insulin leads to less energy, leaving you feeling tired, mentally fatigued and sometimes depressed.  Obesity begins to set in and wrap around your organs, most often increasing the size of your waist and belly.  Women can begin to have issues with their menstrual cycles, and can have increased difficulty in becoming pregnant.

Keeping high insulin levels for too long causes insulin resistance.  Getting to this stage can cause diabetes, obesity and produce high lipid levels.  Those combined factors elevate your risk of developing atherosclerosis, heart disease, a stroke and even dementia.

The answer here is: Controlling insulin levels = increased opportunity to quality longevity

2.  Blood Sugar Control

The Number 2 culprit in aging!!

When your blood sugar is out of whack everything is out of whack, whether it’s too little or too much.  Also, when your blood sugar levels consistently stay higher than normal, you fall into pre-diabetes.  This stage gets you one step closer to becoming diabetic.  1/3 of the United States of America is classified with pre-diabetes.  That is over 80 million people.

The great news is that You Can reverse pre-diabetes from progressing.  This takes a little self-discipline, but if you don’t change your ways you can also increase health risks such as cardiovascular disease.

Too much sugar in your blood stream overworks the pancreas, which produces insulin.  High production of insulin, along with keeping high blood sugar counts in your body, can damage blood vessels that can affect any part of the body.  Complicated risks can include:

  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack
  • Kidney Disease
  • Blindness
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Immune System Deficiency
  • Neuropathy
  • Poor Blood Circulation to Lower Extremities
  • Reduction in Healing Potential for Amputation

The answer here is: Controlling blood sugar level = increased opportunity to quality longevity

3.  Free Radicals

The Number 3 culprit in aging!

When people think of free radicals they think of tailpipe smoke, city smog, smoking cigarettes and second-hand smoke, which are all true to an extent.  But, the greatest majority of free radicals that promote aging comes from digestion of food!

While taking in a meal, you have to grind it with your teeth and swallow it.  Then, your enzymes come into the esophagus down to the stomach…the stomach has to churn the food…now the small intestines/gall bladder/liver all get involved.  Next, you have to move it into the large intestine and re-absorb the water.  This process consumes a lot of energy.   Are you often tired and ready for a nap after eating?

There is so much energy that is required in the digestion of food.  Complex additives in today’s foods complicate the digestive process, and even contributes to buildup in fat and “unrecognized” substances that our bodies don’t know how to handle.  These compounds are often gathered and stored in our liver and various locations of fat storage in our bodies.  Not only are many of the foods we eat complicating the process of digestion and consuming energy, but lots of the “bad stuff” is set aside and harmfully stored.

We typically digest food 4-5 times a day, which is a lot, but its become the standard diet that Americans are accustomed to. Your body calls upon its internal source of energy ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) for digestion and other tasks, but more often for digestion nowadays than our ancestors’ bodied needed to.  We’re built a certain way based on thousands of years of evolution and we’re not equipped to handle 4-5 substantial meals per day.  ATP has to be sourced from oxygen, so when digesting you are having to drive a lot of oxygen into the body.  At these times, much of your body’s oxygen is used when it’s fulfilling the elevated need for ATP.   In short, this phenomena activates a lot of  oxygen molecules, free radicals and spin-off, which can age you the fastest along with the Insulin Levels.

Free radicals come from digesting food, so when you do eat make sure your meals are high in fiber!

The Answer: Stop Eating So Much = Increased Opportunity to Quality Longevity

Managing these 3 key elements will promote Anti-Aging.  There are many other factors out there that can lead to health risks and health complications, but keeping yourself on top of these 3 factors will have you ahead of the game and fighting off sickness, disease, and physical discrepancies.

There is an inevitable fact of life that we all know the answer to, and that is we are going to grow older. Components inside of our bodies will gradually decrease as we age, and they will decrease even faster if we do not take preventative measures to control our health.  

Our goal at Pondera Wellness is to help keep you free of sickness, disease and physical discrepancies.  You are going to grow old, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel old.

The closest thing to the Fountain of Youth is to keep these 3 factors in check.  By monitoring these factors that keep you healthy, you will live a more fruitful life.   By getting the right Vitamins, Nutrients, Minerals…and by balancing your meals with the right Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats…and by not eating so many meals or large meals, and not overindulging in bad sugars…will get you on the right track to living longer, living healthier and living with a youthful spirit.

Eat well and eat healthy my friends!  We’re dedicated to overall health at Pondera Wellness and we’d like to help become a force for your longevity and overall well being.

Please contact us if you have a question about this topic, and feel free to take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee on our Pondera Formula One product that can assist in each of these critical areas of health.   Tell a friend or family member that it’s seldom too late to turn around your health!

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