Pondera Vanilla - 1 month supply

Ready to feel amazing?

Pondera is a unique, all-natural meal replacement shake precisely formulated with the world’s best powdered olive oil and whey protein. Based on Nobel Prize-winning Harvard research, it’s designed to help optimize your body’s natural chemistry in a way that can dramatically improve the way you look and feel!

  • Boost your energy

    Increase cellular energy with the perfect ratio of healthy monounsaturated fat, bioactive proteins, and ‘good’ carbohydrates.

  • Lose weight quickly & easily

    Decrease hunger & food cravings while helping to stimulate the body’s natural metabolism.

  • Improve your health

    Our recent Clinical Trials demonstrated dramatic improvement for individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure, and numerous other health issues.

“Pondera has skyrocketed my energy, reduced my joint pain, and helped me lose 15 pounds in a month. The best part is it’s DELICIOUS!”Pondera user John C.

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