The Science Behind Pondera

Harvard Medical doctors that found a diet to be 40% Fiber Rich Carbohydrates – 30% Protein – 30% Healthy Fats at each meal and/or snack, was the key to achieving overall optimal health. Pondera Wellness is based around Harvard’s formula and has enhanced the formula. Therefore, Pondera Wellness is not just a quick fix meal replacement, it is a complete nutritional meal that your body and mind will thank you for. Discover what earned these doctors at Harvard Medical School The 1982 Nobel Prize in Medicine, and how it is incorporated into Pondera Wellness.

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Meet The Doctor

Pondera Wellness is founded and formulated by Dr. Sterling Wood D.P.M, a foot and ankle surgeon of 30 years who specialized in diabetic foot salvage and circulatory compromise. Dr. Wood felt that he could help people to a greater degree by creating a non-surgical solution to the brutal conditions he witnessed as a doctor. After leaving his practice behind, he spent the past 10 years conducting exhaustive research and developing the Pondera Wellness formula. The ultimate result is a product that can easily be consumed as a calculated meal replacement.

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Your Health

Learn how Pondera has had a positive impact people with a variety of medical conditions. Find out important information about topics such as Diabetes, Blood Flow, Blood Circulation, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Levels, The Immune System, Obesity, Insulin Resistance, Arthritis, Depression, Joint & Muscle Inflammation, Mental Focus, Mind Clarity, Proper Diet, Brain & Body Energy, Athletic Performance, Exercise, and much, much more…

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