Pondera Wellness 30 Day supply chocolate

More Than Just a Protein Shake

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Protein for Muscle Growth

Loaded with Nutrients

Fuel for More Energy

Low Calories & Zero Sugar

Pondera Wellness® is the only meal replacement powder that contains 33% olive oil powder with a precise balance of 1/3 unsaturated fats, 1/3 carbohydrates and 1/3 protein.

Low glycemic, high fiber carbohydrates
High quality whey and milk proteins
Includes MCT oil and Omega 3-6-9 fish oil
Loaded with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants
Only 205 calories per serving with 0 grams of sugar
Powder nanotechnology for faster absorbtion

Why take 3 different products when you can take 1 delicious and nutritious superfood

Nutrition for Athletes

Pondera Wellness® is a supercharged source of nutrition that is great for runners, walkers, weight lifters and any athlete looking to maximize their diet.  Pondera contains a combination of nutrients that athletes need in their daily diet.

The balance of fats, carbs and proteins optimizes your body at a cellular level
Included 3 forms of protein (Whey, Milk, Concentrated Isolates)
Contains nutrients that could aid in muscle & joint recovery
Natural antioxidants destroy free radicals generated during intense physical activities
Contains USDA recommended daily intake of extra virgin olive oil that assists with blood sugar control
Rich in Oleic Acid which could reduce inflammation
MCT oil is a source of energy and may have considerable health benefits
no added sugar
No Added Sugar
gluten free
Gluten Free
vegetarian friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
healthy meal
Healthy Meal

*Pondera contains soy and dairy products.

Olive Oil & Whey Protein for Athletes

made with extra virgin olive oil

At its most basic level, olive oil provides energy essential to athletes. While non-athletes only need about 15% of calories from fat, athletes are recommended to have 20-30% of their calories from fat. Olive oil helps athletes build energy above and beyond what is gained from carbohydrates. It is also anti inflammatory which helps in muscle recovery. It helps convert cholesterol to testosterones which is critical for muscle building.

The USDA recommends 25 ml (2 Tbsp.) of olive oil each day. This amount is sorely lacking in western diets. In powder form, your body absorbs these healthy fats better than a glob of oil.

Whey protein plays a critical role in building lean muscle while increasing fat loss. Protein also helps moderate blood sugar while helping the body and muscles recover faster after exercise.

*See links to research in footnotes

Pondera Human Studies

(Results from Quapaw Indian Tribe, Medically Supervised Clinical Studies. Results of blood tests in Less Than 6 Weeks of consuming Pondera Vanilla)

45 subjects changed their lifestyle (eating, exercising, moods, motivation) in 2 weeks or less
71% liver healing with ALT and AST levels reaching normal values
75% showed major improvements in kidney functions with BUN and Creatine levels.
After 3 days of consuming Pondera, blood sugar was lower in all patients that had a history of high blood sugar
54% significantly lower triglycerides
48% lowered cholesterol readings
34% percent showed marked increase in HDL levels (difficult task)
28% lowered their LDL readings
100% of hypoglycemic patients showed stable blood sugars in 3 weeks
50% showed marked reduction in cardiac risk profile
29% had major reductions of inflammation indicated by large drops in C reactive protein studies
Values for blood studies were obtained within first 3 weeks of blood studies. Improvements continued to the end of the 6 week study.

For full publication of the study, see Results from Medically Supervised Trial

Pondera Wellness®can be consumed daily or when you just don't have time to cook a healthy meal.  Our goal is to help as many people as possible make a positive change in their lives. We are offering a $15 discount for anyone that wants to try Pondera.  Use coupon code: athlete at checkout!

There's More:  You can also share this coupon to friends or family members that are struggling to eat healthy. It works for anyone that is a new customer!

Pondera Wellness 30 Day supply chocolate

Customer Testimonials

My name Is Cyndie. I am 61 years old and I was a Registered Nurse for 35 years. I have always believed in approaching health problems the traditional way, with doctors and medicine. I have always been a skeptic when people talk to me about vitamins and nutrition. I have cabinets full of vitamins and it never seemed to make a difference, so, I was not initially that interested nor did I believe his powder would work.

In 1974 I was in a car accident and broke both of my legs. Due to the accident, I suffer from arthritis and inflammation in both knees, and now my hip. About a year ago,  I was finally diagnosed with Scleroderma. Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease which has been attacking my mouth and my entire digestive system. Everything is inflamed and I have been miserable for the last 2 years. I was beginning to believe that this was just going to be my new “quality of life”, and am very grateful that there was something that could do to change it. He stopped by my place of business and took one look at me and told me I looked terrible. He began, once again, to tell me to start drinking Pondera and follow a simple eating plan that he prepared for me. To my surprise within 11/2 weeks of following his suggestions, my hip pain is gone, my knees are better, I move better and I have energy. Normally on my day off I sleep because I am so miserable but last weekend I woke up early feeling great and took my dog for a walk at 7:30 am!

My digestive system is greatly improved, and as a bonus, I have lost weight without “dieting”. Pondera makes me feel full and I feel satisfied! I almost have to force myself to eat. I will continue with Pondera and Dr Sterling’s recommendations. Thank you Pondera and for being there to urge me to try the Pondera and help me change my eating habits. I got my life back with Pondera and I never want to be without it!”

- Cyndie

“My name is Patricia. I met Dr. Sterling by chance at a Chrysler dealership. As he was discussing his experience with diabetes and Pondera, I decided to try his products.

Before Pondera: I am a type 2 diabetic. My diabetes’s was discovered 10 years ago. I was prescribed MF 40 mg 1 time a day and I take Nova shot as follows: 12 morning 14 afternoon and 1o evening. My morning sugar is 135 on average. I am dragging the morning, I have no energy and I have to push myself to do anything. My left ankle is swollen in the morning and by evening my whole left leg is swollen and numb as though my leg is asleep and it is painful. I have pain in the bottom of my foot and I continually stomp my foot trying to offset the pain.

After Pondera: After one week of using Pondera I was able to discontinue my 40 mg of MF. I feel really good, I have energy, I wake up at 4 am and so my laundry, go shopping and clean my house. There is no more swelling or pain in my left leg. It is completely gone. My blood sugars are averaging 97 in the morning and no higher than 101. People are noticing a difference in my skin. I look healthier and feel wonderful. I am so exited to find Pondera. I look forward to continuing this product and good eating habits to continue to get results and lower medications as my blood sugar continues to become normal.”

- Patricia

A friend sent me Pondera. I was a bad diabetic & all my doctors did was up my insulin. I felt so awful, lethargic and in constant pain. I began taking Pondera twice a day.

Within one month I stopped craving sweets and I lost 15lbs. I started gaining energy and feeling like a new person. People couldn't believe the difference in me. Since then, everything is so positive, friends are so excited that they have started Pondera!!!

- Penny (trustpilot)

This product exceeded all of my expectations. I originally began taking Pondera for the heart health properties.

This has helped improve my quality of sleep, reduced the amount of blood pressure medication I was taking, helped me lose weight, and increased my energy. I cannot say enough about how this product has changed my life. Definitely not your typical protein shake, and worth every penny! - Bridget (trustpilot)

I saw this product on Facebook and was a bit skeptical. A user of Pondera assured me it was great. I ordered this over a month ago and I love it. When I first took it I could feel the energy pick up and I lost weight.

I ran out and didn't reorder and I felt sluggish with in a few days. I just got my second bag last week and I feel incredible again. It keeps me full until lunch and I am using it as a meal replacement and a whole body balancer. It lasts longer than that expensive crap I would buy at GNC. It also helped to get my blood sugar down.

Vince (trustpilot)

“Dr.Wood, I just want to thank you for introducing me to Pondera. This has helped me so much. Before I used it I was hurting all over in my joints, I didn’t have any energy. I just didn’t want to do anything because I was hurting so bad. But once I started using Pondera and I mean as soon as I started using it I felt my whole body start to tingle.

My sugar level is great now. It’s not jumping up and down. Plus now I don’t hurt any more in my joints. Now I’m outside more working in my yard.”

- H

After finishing a 7-day trial: “I’m out of Pondera and I’m actually sad about it. I’ve lost about 5 pounds and haven’t even been really eating great either. I mean, I haven’t been eating terrible but a few meals haven’t been the healthiest. Weight loss will be nice but my motivation is regulating my blood pressure and keeping the insulin needles away. I’ve been sleeping like a rock, going to sleep and not waking up until my alarm. I woke up Saturday and jumped on the elliptical since the baby was still sleeping. I am NOT a morning person, nor do I ever do anything in the morning before coffee.

I can tell now how before I was not as well rested, felt more bloated, kind of sluggish.”

Five days into her new 30-day supply: “I am down 4 pounds since Monday and haven’t taken my BP meds since last night. I am currently at 121 over 83.. no meds today.”

- B

“Hi Dr. Wood! I want to thank you so much for introducing me to Pondera! It has become part of my daily life, and what a difference in my “quality of life”! In as short period of time, I have not only lost weight (close to 10 pounds), but I feel fantastic. I am never “hungry”! In addition, my skin is better, I am sleeping better, and my thinking is clearer!

As you know, I just had surgery, followed by a major infection on my lower leg. It seems like the circulation is improved and everything is healing beautifully.
Thank you for helping me!”

-  C

I suffer from Crohns disease with pain and inflammation in my joints and irritable bowel movements. Once I started to take Pondera Wellness, within 1 week my pain in my joints went away, my bowel movements were normal, and symptoms of my Chrons disease seemed to disappear.  I am truly thankful for this product. It really did change my life. Thank you Dr. Sterling



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Pondera Wellness® Ingredients:  Olive Oil Powder, Whey Protein Concentrate, ModCarb, Grass Fed Butter, Natural Flavors, Cocoa Powder, Micellar Casein, Whey Protein Isolate, Coconut Oil Powder, Sweetly Stevia®, Xantham Gum, StevioPure, Bioperine® (Black Pepper Fruit Extract), Monk Fruit, Omega 3 Fish Oil Powder (Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acid).