pondera new product 2021

Pondera Is Better Than Ever Before: New And Improved Product Hits The Shelves March 2021

Two years of diligent work has been invested in the new Pondera formula, and we can't wait for ...
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nutrition from Pondera improves

Pondera Nutrition Improves Health Where Medication Failed – Testimonial Letter

Pharmaceuticals are not always the best answer to your health problems. Beyond the cost, medications have side effects ...
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The Key to Wellness is Balance

In response to your recent email about Pondera regarding claims and results, the following will address these issues: ...
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human studies on pondera

Human Study: Top Results From Medically Supervised Trial

The much-anticipated results of the latest Pondera Wellness human study are documented below.  The positive results were evident ...
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stay healthy live longer

3 Major Factors for Staying Healthy and Living Longer

Updated May 2017:  Controlling insulin levels, blood sugar levels and free radicals in your body can promote Anti-Aging, ...
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secrets to losing weight

4 Secrets to Losing Weight Fast… and Feeling GREAT While You Do It!

Losing weight fast is not difficult. In fact it can be amazingly easy and simple… if you know ...
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balance your body with regular exercise

How To Balance Your Lifestyle With Regular Exercise No Matter Your Age Or Condition

Are you someone that can't imagine being someone that exercises daily? One of the most important ways you ...
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Three Must-Know Diet Assist Practices For a Healthier You

The best-known fear in dieting is and always has been the rubber-band effect.  The popular Paleo and 5:2 ...
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pondera success clicinical trial

Pondera is Overwhelmingly Successful in New Clinical Trial With Diabetic Patients

We've known for a while that Pondera is incredibly effective at helping diabetic patients improve their medical conditions ...
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leg ulcer healed in 8 weeks

How Did A Leg Ulcer Begin to Heal in 2 Weeks?

Nutritional Powder Takes on Stubborn Leg Ulcer After Doctors Fail to Make Progress for 8 Months *Warning:  This ...
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