Human Study: Top Results From Medically Supervised Trial

The much-anticipated results of the latest Pondera Wellness human study are documented below.  The positive results were evident across the board with all 45 individuals that completed the 6-week study.  This trial included the most comprehensive examination of laboratory and patient survey data completed to date with the use of Pondera.  Every individual that completed the study experienced health benefits which are specifically documented herein.

In cooperation between Pondera Wellness and the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma, a general human trial of the health benefits of Pondera Formula 1 was conducted. Please note that the study was not randomized or held as a blind-study of control subjects without knowledge of the product or its potential benefit in advance. The trial was conducted with the voluntary participation of 45 individuals in varying stages of health. Pondera Wellness funded this trial, and this reporting is presented based on the observations of Dr. Sterling Wood, an independent nursing staff and an independent laboratory with no stake, benefit implied or conveyed to these independent parties for their services or the outcome.

While the results of this trial are very impressive, this information is not intended to offer a conclusive result for any issue of health. The potential for benefit is apparent, but please consult with your physician before beginning a new nutritional regimen, and before making changes to your overall health practices, prescriptions and treatments. Pondera Formula One is a food-based nutritional supplement and therefore contains no pharmaceutical compounds that could interact with medications to any extent beyond interactions with various types of foods.  Some users of Pondera have reported an increase in gas, and occasionally stomach cramps and diarrhea but in no instances dangerous or life-threatening, and ended when the use of Pondera concluded.  Often these effects are temporary but we urge you to consult your doctor if you experience any discomfort or possess any food allergies when taking Pondera.  To the knowledge of this author there have been no embellishments, omissions or fabrications in terms of the data produced in this article.


The overall results of this study were

  1. 45 Participants Completed the Study.  All Were Instructed to Eat as They Normally Would – No Dietary Changes.
  2. Study Time – 6 Weeks
  3. Weekly Nursing Supervision:  Blood Pressure, Weight, Oxygen Saturation, General Questions Addressed
  4. 3 Laboratory Drawings:  Initially at the Beginning, Again at 3 Weeks and at the 6 Week Conclusion
  5. Daily Journal of Pre-Diabetics and Diabetics Who Were Instructed to Obtain Fasting Blood Sugar and Record It. Then Asked to Not Take Prescribed Medications and Wait for 3 Hours and Draw Blood Sugar Again and Record It.  If Sugar Levels Were Unfavorable, They Were Then to Take Their Prescribed Medications.

NOTE:  Pondera is a complete meal supplement intended to assist with the maintenance and/or reduction of blood sugar levels.


  • Quapaw Tribal Members
  • Other Native American Indian Tribes
  • Native Americans
  • Hispanic


Ages:  Ranging from 27 to 81 years of age.

Sex:  33 females and 15 males

Pondera Human Study Group


  1. Health Problems of Studied Participants
  2. Psychological Response Questionnaires
  3. Fasting Laboratory Tests Performed
  4. Weekly Assessment Sheet and Vitals
  5. Statistical Review of Laboratory Testing
  6. Benefits of Pondera for Individuals with Specific Health Conditions (listed by condition)
  7. Listed Results of Participants 1-45 and General Comments of Each Taken on Video Interviews
  8. Curriculum Vitae Summary of Dr. Sterling Wood


  1. Pre-Diabetes (Insulin Resistance)
  2. Diabetics Type I and II
  3. Hypoglycemia
  4.  Arthritis:
    1. Psoriatic
    2. Osteoarthritis
    3. Rheumatoid
  5. Skin Conditions and Hair:
    1. Psoriasis
    2. Eczema
    3. Stasis Edema Dermatitis
    4. Alopecia With and Without Associated Hypothyroidism
  6. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  7. Fibromyalgia
  8.  Depression
  9. Anxiety
  10. Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Apnea
  11.  Post Gastric Bypass Problems
  12. Severe and Moderate Anemia
  13. Lipid Disorders – Triglycerides, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol
  14. Elevated Cardiac Risk Profiles
  15. Elevated Liver and Kidney Enzyme Functions
  16. Post Cardiac Stent and Bypass Surgery
  17. Edema
  18. Leukemia
  19. Post Alcohol and Drug Abuse


  • Do You Feel More Energy?
  • Do You Feel More Alert?
  • Do You Eat Less at Each Meal?
  • Do You Crave Less Junk Food or Poor Food or Desiring Better Food Choices?
  • Are You Doing Some Form of Activity?
  • Are You Exercising?
  • Are You Sleeping Better.  Do You Require Less Sleep.  Are You Less Groggy Upon Awakening?
  • Are Your Moods Better?


  1. Lipid Panel:  Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Cholesterol/HDLC Ratio, Non HDL Cholesterol
  2. Random Fasting Glucose
  3. Hemoglobin A1C
  4. Kidney Function:  BON (Urea Nitrogen), Creatinine
  5. Liver Function:  ALT, AST
  6. CBC With Differential
  7. CRP C Reactive Protein (for Inflammation)
  8. Cardiac Risk Profile Determined:  HDL Triglycerides


Responses psychological and lifestyle questions after 7-14 days:

  1. 100% of studied participants responded with mention of:
    1. Substantial Increases in Energy
    2. Increased Levels of Alertness
    3. Reduction of Appetite and Amount of Food Consumed at Each Meal
    4. Major Reduction of Junk Food or Total Elimination, Choosing More Favorable Selection
  2. 99% Stated that they were more active with most stating no more lying around.
  3. 98% Stated that sleep was much better, required less sleep and were not as groggy upon awakening.
  4. 98% Stated that their moods had improved.
  5. 95% Stated they were trying to do some form of exercise, mostly walking.

CONCLUSION:  This Represents Major Lifestyle Changes in 1-2 Weeks From Pondera

Based upon laboratory data and lifestyle portfolios of this study, these conclusions were drawn.

Note:  This is not formulated from any outside work.

  1. Lifestyle – 100% of participants showed major lifestyle modifications within 1-2 weeks with noted:
    1. Higher energy levels
    2. More active
    3. Eating less at every outside meal
    4. Choosing much more favorable food
    5. Improved moods throughout the day
    6. Better sleeping habits

 The following results were independently collected by Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma. Specifics are noted in the case-by-case reports that follow. Pondera Wellness conducts human study with Quapaw tribe in Oklahoma

Overall, the following key observations were made:

  • Major reductions of triglycerides and LDL with HDL elevations.
  • Amazing changes in cardiac risk profiles.  (triglycerides divided by HDL)
  • Much better control of hypoglycemic patients with return to regular blood sugars and improved daily functions.
  • Excellent blood sugar maintenance from 99% of pre-diabetics and diabetics type I and type II.
  • 99% improvement of diabetic and pre-diabetic hemoglobin A1C.
  • 71% of kidney and liver functions changing to become more normal.
  • Hemoglobin levels becoming more normal and helping 2 participants to not need transfusions at last test.
  • Body fat reduction in almost all participants.  Weight loss was seen in a lot of participants.
  • Large reductions of C-Reactive protein indicating body inflammation and organ inflammation reduced.
  • All results that were seen within the first 3 weeks continued throughout the 6-week test.  This is a short testing period to see such dramatic and sustained results.
  • Elimination or reduction of diabetes type I and type II medications by the doctors of some participants.
  • Elimination or reduction of statin medications by the doctors of some participants.
  • Elimination or reduction of anxiety or depression medications by the doctors of some participants.


  • 71% (31 of 45) of participants showed significant improvement and reduction of BUN and Creatinine. This relates to significant results in kidney function improvement.
  • 71% (31 of 45) showed significant reduction of ALT and AST enzymes.  This indicates liver healing on a level that is rare.
  • 54% (24 of 45) showed reduction of triglycerides.   Most participants were taking statin drugs.
  • Pondera worked quickly to reduce formally stationery values.
  • 48% (21 of 45) showed lowered cholesterol readings.
  • 34% (15 of 45) showed elevated HDL cholesterol which is also a difficult value to raise.
  • 20% (9 of 45) showed reductions of LDL cholesterol.
  • 50% (22 of 45) showed a reduction in Cardiac Risk Profile.  This value is measured by dividing triglycerides by HDL.  This value is very sensitive for heart attack and stroke possibility.
  • 99% (25 of 26 diabetics and pre-diabetics tested) showed improvement in hemoglobin A1C.
  • 100% (5 of 5 hypoglycemic participants tested) showed marked and stable elevations of glucose to normal levels.
  • 95% (23 of 25 diabetic and pre-diabetic participants tested), when consuming Pondera, maintained or lowered blood sugar levels. *
  • This shows that Pondera is a complete, satisfying meal that will keep blood sugar in favorable ranges.
  • Test was performed as follows:  diabetics and pre-diabetics take fasting blood sugar in a.m. and write values down.
  • They were instructed not to take prescribed diabetic medications at this time.  They were to consume 2 scoops of Pondera instead.
  • Three hours later, they were to take blood glucose levels and record.  Note:  most participants were not hungry at 3 hours, post-Pondera.
  • 29% (13 of 45) had significant drops in C-Reactive Protein which is an inflammation indicator.
  • 29% (13 of 45) had improvements in hemoglobin (oxygen in blood stream).

* The maintenance or lowering of blood sugar levels were facilitated and observed in the following manner:

  • Test was performed as follows:  diabetics and pre-diabetics take fasting blood sugar in a.m. and write values down.
  • They were instructed not to take prescribed diabetic medications at this time.  They were to consume 2 scoops of Pondera instead.
  • Three hours later, they were to take blood glucose levels and record.  Note:  most participants were not hungry at 3 hours, post-Pondera.


PRE-DIABETICS:  All saw decreases in HgbA1C and blood sugar.  All felt better overall and had more energy and alertness

TYPE I DIABETICS:  All saw reductions in amounts and dosage of insulin with one being totally removed from it.

TYPE II DIABETICS:   All had a drop in HgbA1C.  Blood sugars stayed the same or dropped on Pondera dosage.  Random blood sugars much better.

Dosage of hypoglycemic medicines (Metformin, Actos, Januvia) were reduced or totally removed.  Skin abrasions and cuts all healed.

HYPOGLYCEMICS:  All were seeing normalized blood sugars, reduced times of eating, reduced HgbA1C and eliminated anxiety medications.

ARTHRITIS:  Psoriatic – 2 participants obtained much greater motion and virtually eliminated all pain.

Osteoarthritis – 3 participants with knee pain and limited mobility all experienced greater range of motion and major reduction of pain.

SKIN RELATED:  Psoriasis – 1 participant had arms and hands completely covered with lesions and after 6 weeks on Pondera, 95% resolved.

Eczema – 2 participants had 90%, or better, resolution.

1 participant with Stasis Edema Eczema was completely relieved of Edema and Eczema.

Hair Loss (Alopecia) – 4 participants, with severe hair loss, were growing thick, full hair on Pondera.  And one of their hairdressers even came to see me to discuss the results.

CHRONIC FATIGUE:  All 15 participants with fatigue and malaise were 100% resolved after only 2 weeks on Pondera.

FIBROMYALGIA:  2 participants were both much better with pain and associated-anxiety removed.

DEPRESSION:  1 participant, with severe chronic depression, had been hospitalized 3 times prior to the study.  She stated that Pondera had given her life back and that she was able to cope so much easier.

WEIGHT:  33 participants lost weight.

ANXIETY:  Everyone who had expressed anxiety said that it was much relieved, especially those with Hypoglycemia.

SLEEP DEPRIVATION AND APNEA:  All 45 participants, after only 2 weeks on Pondera, said that their sleep quality was much better, required less sleep and grogginess was almost eliminated.  One participant who, prior to the study, wore a sleep apnea apparatus was able to eliminate its use.

POST GASTRIC BYPASS:  All 3 participants expressed greater energy and feelings of easier digestion.  One participant has been requiring blood transfusions in the hospital 2-3 times yearly.  On Pondera, she reached above-normal hemoglobin levels and was able to avoid a transfusion at testing time.

LIPID DISORDERS:  All participants that had prior knowledge of elevated lipid disorders improved their triglycerides, total cholesterol and some improved their HDL cholesterol.  Some with no prior knowledge saw triglycerides fall from 300-500 points over the 6-week period with reductions in total cholesterol and some also had improved HDL cholesterol.

CARDIAC RISK PROFILE:  90% of all participants showed a drop when needed.  (Cardiac Risk is triglycerides/HDL).  Some had drops of 19 points, which is the most I have ever witnessed in my medical career.

ELEVATED LIVER ENZYMES:  (note: I have never seen marked improvement of liver enzymes in my 29 year medical career)  Participants showed 71% improved elevated kidney functions.  71% also showed improvement in kidney enzymes.

CARDIAC SURGERY (POST) & STENT:  3 participants all said they felt much better and that it was easier walking.  Those who had bypass surgery showed major reductions of edema where veins were taken from lower legs.

LEUKEMIA:  1 participant showed major changes in CBC, hemoglobin, platelets, RBC and WBC levels as well as reduction of triglycerides and blood sugar.


*Denotes A Significant Result

**Denotes An Exceptional Result


#1 Participant…..68 Year Old Male – History:  Leukemia – Current cholesterol elevated to favorable level

HDL Cholesterol from 7 to 14

Triglycerides from 279 to 200**

Cardiac Risk from 16 to 8.5**

Glucose from 146 to 73**

BUN from 45 to 37**

AST from 29 to 21**

Red Blood Cells from 3.5 to 3.8**

Hemoglobin from 10.6 to 11.0**

Platelets from 57 to 139**


#2 Participant…..68 Year Old Female

Cholesterol from 140 to 121

Triglycerides from 140 to 115

Cardiac Risk from 2.6 to 2.3

Glucose from 96 to 80

HgA1C from 5.6 to 5.4

Creatine from 106 to 99**

Weight Loss from 190 to 184*


#3 Participant…..45 Year Old Male – History:  Diabetic  NOTE-Patients Doctor Stopped All Diabetic Medications

Cholesterol from 156 to 144

HDL Cholesterol from 31 to 34

Triglycerides from 264 to 124*

Cardiac Risk from 8.5 to 3.6*

Glucose from 123 to 80

Hemoglobin A1C from 6.4 to 5.8**

BUN from 15 to 13*

Creatine from 108 to 87*

Blood Pressure from 152/86 to 126/78

Weight Loss from 207.7 to 190.7*


#4 Participant…..71 Year Old Female – History:  Diabetic

Triglycerides from 167 to 140

Cardiac Risk from 3.34 to 2.9**

Hemoglobin A1C from 10.6 to 9.0*

Creatine from .68 to .58*

Glucose from 146 to 127**

Blood Pressure from 141/76 to 123/70

Weight Loss from 187 to 182


#5 Participant…..30 Year Old Male

Cholesterol from 211 to 169**

Triglycerides from 552 to 109**

Hemoglobin A1C from 5.6 to 5.5

Cardiac Risk from 23.0 (Dangerous) to 5.19** (Extremely Significant Result)

Creatine from .87 to .85

AST from 25 to 18**

Hemoglobin from 16.4 to 15.1**

C-Reactive Protein from .63 to .40*


#6 Participant…..54 Year Old Female

AST from 44 to 32**

ALT from 108 to 62**

Weight Loss from 292 to 284

Glucose from 99 to 86


#7 Participant…..60 Year Old Female  –  History:  Gastric Bypass

Cholesterol from 185 to 168

Cardiac Risk from 7.72 to 4.97**

Non HDL Cholesterol from 143 to 128

Glucose from 80 to 71

BUN from 20 to 13**

Creatine from .71 to .61

AST from 25 to 22


#8 Participant…..40 Year Old Female

LDL Cholesterol from 151 to 146

Cholesterol from 234 to 222

Triglycerides from 89 to 77

Cardiac Risk from 1.34 to .85**

HgA1C from 5.5 to 5.4

Creatine from .78 to .73

AST from 20 to 17**

ALT from 22 to 19**

Hemoglobin from 13.9 to 14.3**

Blood Pressure from 129/87 to 126/76**


#9 Participant…..47 Year Old Female

Cholesterol from 141 to 123

Triglycerides from 140 to 115*

Cardiac Risk from 2.62 to 2.3

Creatine from 106 to 99


#10 Participant…..53 Year Old Male

Cholesterol from 162 to 156

Triglycerides from 104 to 94

AST from 17 to 16

Weight Loss from 245 to 240


#11 Participant…..42 Year Old Female

Triglycerides from 227 to 154*

Glucose from 93 to 80

Cardiac Risk from 4.36 to 3.75

Creatine from .85 to .81

Weight Loss from 197.7 to 194 (Significant Body Fat Loss)


#12 Participant…..44 Year Old Female  –  Only Took A Half Dose of Pondera

AST from 20 to 17

ALT from 23 to 17

C-Reactive Protein from 107. To .71

Blood Pressure from 123/88 to 121/69*

Weight Loss from 218 to 212 (Significant Body Fat Loss)


13 Participant…..49 Year Old Male – Participant Had An Infection During Trial

Hemoglobin A1C from 5.8 to 5.4

BUN from 14.0 to 12.0

Creatine from .88 to .83

C-Reactive Protein from .72 to .62

Blood Pressure from 149/100 to 127/84

Weight Loss from 264 to 252


#14 Participant…..59 Year Old Female

BUN from 21 to 17

Creatine from .81 to .77

Hemoglobin from 12.0 to 14.1

Blood Pressure from 128/85 to 117/61*

Cardiac Risk from 1.9 to 1.1*


#15 Participant…..60 Year Old Male – Hypoglycemic

Cholesterol from 250 to 220*

HDL Cholesterol from 43 to 47**

Triglycerides from 133 to 104**

Cardiac Risk from 3.0 to 2.2*

Glucose from 58 to 80

Hemoglobin A1C from 5.2 to 5.1

BUN from 16.0 to 14.0

Creatine from 1.07 to 1.05

C-Reactive Protein from .47 to .34*

Weight Loss from 232 to 229 (Significant Body Fat Loss)


#16 Participant…..57 Year Old Male – Severe Cardiac Episodes

Triglycerides from 68 to 55

Cardiac Risk from 1.32 to .90*

HgA1C from 5.5 to 5.3

Creatine from .99 to .96

AST from 29 to 27

ALT from 26 to 25

Weight Loss from 229 to 225 (Significant Body Fat Loss)


#17 Participant…..62 Year Old Female

HDL Cholesterol from 78 to 82

Triglycerides from 87 to 73

Cardiac Risk from 1.0 to .89*

Glucose from 105 to 80**

HgA1C from 5.2 to 5.1

BUN from 21 to 17**

Creatine from .99 to .86*

WBC (Low) from 2.5 to 4.9 (Normal)

RBC (Low) from 3.5 to 4.9

Hgb from 11.5 to 13.2

Hct from 35 to 39.9

C-Reactive Protein from .84 to Less Than .0 (Excellent)

Weight Loss from 195 to 190.3


#18 Participant…..33 Year Old Male

Cholesterol from 196 to 168

Triglycerides from 134 to 106**

Cardiac Risk from 2.69 to 2.5

LDL Cholesterol from 119 to 101

Glucose from 93 to 81

AST from 44 to 24*

ALT from 59 to 34*

BUN from 13 to 10*

Creatine from 1.0 to .93*


#19 Participant…..66 Year Old Female

Cholesterol from 136 to 127

Glucose from 86 to 77

Hemoglobin A1C from 5.4 to 5.2

Creatine from .72 to .68

AST from 22 to 20

ALT from 22 to 16*

C-Reactive Protein from 23 to 17*

Blood Pressure from 140/87 to 126/81

Her hair stopped falling out and lot of new hair growth.  Her knee pain and swelling are gone.  Tinnitus reduced.


#20 Participant…..50 Year Old Male

Cholesterol from 210 to 177

Cardiac Risk from 2.13 to 2.10

HgbA1C from 7.0 to 6.8

AST from 33 to 26*

ALT from 45 to 31*

C-Reactive Protein from 1.10 (Very High) to .19 (Extremely Significant)

Blood Pressure from 122/87 to 111/81

His Doctor took him off of his Type II Diabetes medications after 3 weeks in the study, so now Pondera is managing his diabetes.


#21 Participant…..59 Year Old Female – History:  Hypoglycemic & Taking Prednisone for COPD

LDL Cholesterol from 101 to 94**

Glucose from 51 to 91

WBC (Very High) from 16.3 to 7.4 (Significant Control of Infection)

RBC from 4.09 to 4.38

Hemoglobin from 13.0 to 13.6**

Neutrophils (Extremely High) from 14.367 to 4.159**

Weight Loss from 173 to 161**

Glucose from 103 to 79 (A Lot of Body Fat Loss)


#22 Participant…..62 Year Old Female

Cholesterol from 177 to 174

Triglycerides from 200 to 173

HDL Cholesterol from 47 to 52

Cardiac Risk from 4.2 to 3.6

LDL Cholesterol from 90 to 72*

AST from 15 to 12

ALT from 15 to 14

C-Reactive Protein from .48 to .11

Weight Loss from 248 to 241 (Significant Body Fat Loss)

Blood Pressure from 140/76 to 123/68

Glucose from 161 to 123


#23 Participant…..54 Year Old Female

ALT from 16 to 11*

AST from 18 to 15*

Platelets from 213 to 238**

LDL Cholesterol from 137 to 53**

Glucose from 100 to 77

HDL Cholesterol from 47 to 63**

Cardiac Risk from 2.31 to 2.26

HgbA1C from 5.2 to 5.1

BUN from 20 to 13**

Her irritable bowel syndrome was much better. She had lots of body fat loss and no longer craved chocolate.


#24 Participant…..55 Year Old Male

Glucose from 135 to 102

C-Reactive Protein from .79 to .66*

His lower leg edema, from vein removals for a recent cardiac bypass, was markedly improved and the eczema on the lower extremity disappeared.

He had a significant loss of body fat.


#25 Participant…..45 Year Old Female – Hypoglycemic

Glucose from 45 to 78*

HgA1C from 5.3 to 5.1

Creatine from .82 to .78*

C-Reactive Protein from .26 to .15*

AST from 15 to 13


#26 Participant…..47 Year Old Female

Cholesterol from 196 to 160

Glucose from 42 (Hypoglycemic) to 78**

LDL Cholesterol from 118 to 92

BUN from 16 to 14

C-Reactive Protein from .55 to .32**

Blood Pressure from 119/82 to 120/57*

AST from 26 to 15**

ALT from 26 to 24**

Significant Body Fat Loss


#27 Partifipant…..71 Year Old Female

Cholesterol from 267 to 206**

LDL Cholesterol from 189 to 118**

Glucose from 42 (Hypoglycemic) to 110**

BUN from 36 to 25**


#28 Participant…..58 Year Old Male

HgbA1C from 5.8 to 5.6

Creatine from 90 to 88

C-Reactive Protein from .45 to .17**

Hemoglobin from 15.6+ to 14.9 (Normal)

Blood Pressure from 122/77 to 119/77

AST from 27 to 21**

ALT from 40 to 29**


#29 Participant…..32 Year Old Female

Cholesterol from 229 to 202

HgbA1C from 5.3 to 5.1

BUN from 20 to 17

AST from 24 to 19**

Blood Pressure from 138/87 to 124/82

Significant body fat loss.  Knee pain, from a sports injury, gone.  Sleep apnea gone.

Before Pondera her hair was falling out.  She is now experiencing new hair growth.


#30 Participant…..47 Year Old Male

Triglycerides from 618 to 167**

Cholesterol from 249 to 130**

Cardiac Risk from 19.93+ to 4.9**

Glucose from 256 to 74**

HgbA1C from 8.4 to 6.6**

C-Reactive Protein from .88 to .46**

AST from 17 to 16

ALT from 26 to 13**

Huge body fat loss.


#31 Participant…..37 Year Old Female

Cholesterol from 207 to 195

LDL Cholesterol from 134 to 124*

Glucose from 55 (Hypoglycemic) to 98**

BUN from 14 to 10**

Creatine from .81 to .73

C-Reactive Protein from 1.49+ to .65**

Blood Pressure from 129/84 to 122/79

AST from 18 to 14**

Lower leg edema gone.


#32 Participant…..39 Year Old Male

Cholesterol from 191 to 170

Triglycerides from 130 to 112

Glucose from 193 to 105**

AST from 25 to 20**

ALT from 24 to 18**

C-Reactive Protein from 1.85+ to 1.6*

COPD much improved.


#33 Participant…..81 Year Old Female

HDL Cholesterol from 43 to 59**

Cardiac Risk from 1.88 to 1.45

Glucose from 96 to 87

AST from 34 to 29*

ALT from 33 to 30*

Hemoglobin from 12.4 to 4.74

RBC from 4.13 to 4.74

C-Reactive Protein from .32 to .009**


#34 Participant…..75 Year Old Female

Triglycerides from 121 to 85**

HDL Cholesterol from 59 to 61

Cardiac Risk from 2.05 to 1.29**

Glucose from 51 (Hypoglycemic) to 76**

Cholesterol from 172 to 169

BUN from 17 to 16

Creatine from .82 to .78

Hemoglobin from 12.6 to 13.9

RBC from 4.16 4.47

She is now walking to the grocery store instead of using her electric cart.


#35 Participant…..51 Year Old Female

Cholesterol from 131 to 99*

HDL Cholesterol from 36 to 43**

Triglycerides from 172 to 80**

Cardiac Risk from 4.77 to 1.86**

Glucose from 521 to 148**

Creatine from .88 to .66**

ALT from 37 to 18**

C-Reactive Protein from .60 to .50**

She completely stopped her 4 times daily insulin injections per doctors order and is now only taking Pondera.


#36 Participant…..51 Year Old Female

HDL Cholesterol from 44 to 55**

LDL Cholesterol from 94 to 91

BUN from 15 to 14

AST from 19 to 17*

ALT from 14 to 11*

Lots of body fat loss.


#37 Participant…..47 Year Old Female

Cholesterol from 232 to 227

HDL Cholesterol from 49 to 54

Triglycerides from 131 to 26**

Cardiac Risk from 2.67 to 1.52**

Glucose from 81 to 68

AST from 21 to 16**

ALT from 28 to 22**

C-Reactive Protein from .70 to .57**

Lots of body fat loss.  No more joint pain.


#38 Participant…..34 Year Old Female – She is hypoglycemic with very poor control.

HDL Cholesterol from 53 to 55

HgbA1C from 5.0 to 4.9

BUN from 11.0 to 9.0**

Creatine from .85 to .75**

ALT from 14 to 13

No hypoglycemic episodes (sugar crashes).  No more anxiety medications.  She quit smoking.

Stopped taking Atenolol for tachycardia.


#39 Participant…..58 Year Old Female

Triglycerides from 214 to 153*

Cardiac Risk from 4.03 to 2.94*

HgA1C from 5.4 to 5.3

C-Reactive Protein from .29 to .25

AST from 14 to 13

Much improved mentally.  She takes multiple depression medications.

Pondera has made her feel so well that she is going to ask her doctor to at least reduce her medications by 50%.


#40 Participant…..64 Year Old Male –  Type II Diabetic

Glucose from 171 to 144

HgA1C from 7.2 to 6.4*

BUN from 20 to 18

Creatine from 1.12 to 1.04*

ALT from 47 to 26**

AST from 26 to 18**

Weight Loss from 289 to 283

Knee pain totally gone.  His doctor reduced his Victoza injection from 1.8 to 1.2 and he stopped taking Metformin.


#41 Participant…..59 Year Old Female – Only took 2 scoops of Pondera per day.

Cholesterol from 115 (low) to 126

HDL Cholesterol from 37 to 38

Triglycerides from 174 to 136

Cardiac Risk from 4.7 to 3.6**

HgA1C from 6.3 to 6.1

AST from 38 to 32*

Glucose from 109 to 86


#42 Participant…..69 Year Old Female

BUN from 18 to 12**

Creatine from .89 to .88

AST from 18 to 15

ALT from 16 to 15

No more joint pain.  No more chronic fatigue.  She had bowel surgery.  On Pondera, she now has regular bowel movements and her colon spasms have stopped.


#43 Participant…..67 Year Old Female

Triglycerides from 138 to 88*

Cardiac Risk from 2.2 to 1.46*

Glucose from 103 to 89

Creatine from .87 to .78*

LDL Cholesterol from 149 to 140*

Blood Pressure from 122/74 to 115/68

Significant body fat loss.  The arthritis in her back is much better.


#44 Participant…..63 Year Old Female

Cholesterol from 185 to 164

Triglycerides from 215 to 128**

Cardiac Risk from 4.3 to 2.5**

LDL Cholesterol from 92 to 87

HgA1C from 7.3 to 6.9*

Creatine from 1.19 to 1.15

AST from 17 to 15

ALT from 15 to 14

Hemoglobin from 11.9 to 12.2

C-Reactive Protein from 3.18 to .60**

Hair loss stopped and new growth.  Significant body fat loss.  Eczema resolved totally.


#45 Participant…..45 Year Old Female

Cardiac Risk from 1.59 to 1.2

C-Reactive Protein from .87 to .01

Hemoglobin from 10 to 12.8**

AST from 30 to 25**

ALT from 28 to 22*

Transfused 3X yearly for anemia due to gastric bypass.  Has never seen Hemoglobin

go above 8.0.  After transfusion it has dropped as low as 5.0.  Core temperature much improved.

Psoriasis of hands and arms is now 95% cleared.  Psoriatic Arthritis is in total remission.

Dr. Sterling Wood, Creator of Pondera

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Minor Education – Dallas Baptist University and Texas Christian University

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) – Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine



  1. Lindell Hospital in St. Louis, MO
  2. Lakewood General in Lakewood, CA


Residency:  Harris County, TX  – 7 Hospitals


Books Authored:

  1. Eicosanoids – The Cellular Road To Health  – 2016
  2. Caloric Responsibility – 2013 (Co-Author)


Published Papers:

  1. Pre-operative and Post-operative Mega-dosing of Vitamin C for Rapid Bone and Wound Healing
  2. Early Detection of Osteomyelitis In Foot and Ankle With MRI Use and Rapid Aggressive Surgical Techniques to Prevent Foot and Leg Amputation


Hospital Affiliations:

  1. Oak Cliff Medical and Surgical Hospital
  2. Dallas Family Hospital
  3. Methodist Medical Center
  4. Orthopedic Institute of Texas
  5. Valley View Surgery Center


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