About Dr. Sterling Wood: Inventor of Pondera

Dr Sterling Wood, Inventor of Pondera, at home in Las VegasDr. Sterling Wood spent 30 years trying to teach his patients how to improve their health naturally through diet, only to see most of them fall back into bad eating habits over and over again. As a limb-salvage surgeon he worked with thousands of diabetic patients and became acutely aware of how negatively the “modern diet” affects many peoples’ lives.

So he set out to find the perfect solution to the obesity and diabetes crises facing the US and much of the rest of the world. In the process he discovered a formula that is so powerful it can dramatically improve the health and well-being of almost anyone who takes it.

That formula is Pondera, and it’s unlike anything else currently on the market.

Dr. Wood spent years studying the top medical research and learning directly from some of the greatest scientific minds in history, including Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Linus Pauling. He became especially interested in eicosanoids, the powerful hormone-like “signaling molecules” whose discovery led to a Nobel Prize in Medicine for Harvard researchers in 1982. 

Pondera is the end result of all of Dr. Wood’s research and study. It’s the distillation of 4 decades of hands-on experience and careful testing, and it provides an incredibly effective tool for improving the lives of millions of people around the globe!

Click here to learn more about Dr. Wood and his incredible life story, and click here to try Pondera for yourself!

Pondera Sterling & Jr Crop

Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Sterling C. Wood. D.P.M

Medical School Experience

– Doctor of Podiatric Medicine | Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio (Case Western Reserve)

-Bachelor of Science, Biology, Chemistry and Education | Texas Christian University and Dallas Baptist University

-Post Graduate Training and Externship:  Lindell Hospital, St. Louis, MO; Lakewood General Hospital, Lakewood, CA (Studied under Noble Prize recipient Dr. Linus Pauling at the Pauling Institute)


– Harris County | Houston, TX (7 Hospitals)

– Residency Research Papers:  Pre- and Post-operative Mega Dosing of Vitamin C to Accelerate Bone and Would Healing in Comparison to Calcium Supplementation (Published)

– Austin Kalish and Akin Osteotomy to Decompress Subluxed First Metatarsal Phalangeal Joints in Severe Bunion Deformity

– Early Detection of Osteomyelitis in Diabetics with MRI Studies and Aggressive Salvage Procedures to Prevent Leg-Loss

Professional Experience 

– Limb-Salvage Surgeon | Methodist Medical Center (’95-’04)

– Podiatric Surgeon and Chief of Podiatric Surgery | Orthopedic Institute of Texas (’89-’99)

– Seminar Coordinator (Main Speaker at “Screw Fixation in Bunionectomies; A-O Lag Screw Fixation Techniques; Collagen Bone Graft Matrix”) | Dallas Family Hospital (Dec. ’93)

– Co-Director of Residency Training | Dallas Family Hospital (’88-’93)

– Southwest Director of Chef Training in Zone Diets and Cooking Practitioner of Preventative Medicine (27 Years)

Hospital Affiliations

– Orthopedic Institute of Texas

– Methodist Central Hospital

– Dallas Family Hospital

– Oak Cliff Medical and Surgical Hospital

– Valley View Surgical Center