A Letter From Dr. Sterling Wood

Dr. Sterling Wood and sonHello!

First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to come to our site and learn more about Pondera. I created this page to help in your research about our product, and give you a better overall sense of why I feel this is the most amazing health product in the world.

I really feel we are about to make history with Pondera, but don’t think you could truly understand why I feel this way unless I provide you with my professional history and personal experiences. So, I encourage you to please take a moment and read about my background, and why I strove to get into a profession that will make this world a healthier place.

I was born in Dallas, Texas, and was raised within a strong family upbringing. My mother, Theresa Wood, and my father, Dr. Homer Wood, gave me their love and encouragement that developed the confidence and guidance to make me the person and doctor that I am today. They taught me the values and morals that encompass the integrity that I have carried with me throughout my personal life and professional career. They established and modeled a solid foundation of hard work and education, and instilled lessons on how to be generous and help those less fortunate than me.

Unfortunately, as a child, I was stubborn and couldn’t wait for my next meal, which was usually happy meals, chocolate chip cookies and/or ice cream. This resulted in gluttony and severe childhood obesity. I was called “chubby”, “fat”, and “lard butt” for a good portion of my early years. Even though I was overweight I was still very athletic, but my appearance usually made me the last pick for any sport activities.

During these obese trying years for me, my mother became ill and was having problems blacking out, talking to imaginary people and basically just wandering. She was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, and the proposed treatment was electroshock therapy.

My father, a doctor, objected, and took her to a famous internal medicine specialist named Dr. James Hill. After a 6 hour glucose tolerance test, the confirmed diagnosis was hypoglycemic. She was immediately removed from the hospital and he started her on a plan of six to seven meals per day. Included in this regimen were vitamin and enzyme supplements that made my mother a normal functioning person within days. This opened my eyes to nutritional medicine and the changing of my eating habits, along with wanting to help those in need that were suffering just like I had.

Driven to become a doctor like my father, I was accepted into the Ohio of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating from the Ohio of Podiatric Medicine, I served 2 internships. The first was at Lindell Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, and the second was at Lakewood General Hospital in Lakewood, California. Once I concluded these internships, I went on to complete the Harris County residency program in Houston, Texas, which consisted of seven hospitals. I felt this residency was the best in the country for my field of foot and ankle surgery.

Once I was through with medical school, internships and residency, I then returned back to Dallas to start my practice in the same office as my father, with my mother being the receptionist for both of us. It was an honor being able to come back and work alongside my father, along with receiving an extensive education that led me to over a very unique 27 year professional career as a Diabetic Foot and Limb Salvage Surgeon.

Soon after I started my practice I met Dr. Barry Sears and others at Harvard Medical, who were all a part of being given the distinct honor of receiving The 1982 Nobel Prize in Medicine. This Nobel discovered the origins of the Eicosanoid Hormone, and is noted as one of the greatest discoveries in medical history. I soon changed my diet to promote these hormones in a positive manner, and would have my patients do the same.

Since ending my practice, I wanted to promote a way to bring my knowledge and experience to the public. I have devoted the last 10 years of my life on developing a product that can replicate, or even enhance the science and vital benefits of the Eicosanoid Hormones.

This has not been an easy road. I have ran into many ups and downs through business dealings and trusting partners, along with trying to build a team that shares a true interest and concern for our fellow person. Pondera is about people first, and business second, and I want every one affiliated with Pondera to be a part of that culture and understanding.

Also, these past 10 years have been very difficult on trying to develop a scientific formula that can enhance the Eicosanoid experience within our bodies. Eicosanoids are the greatest, most powerful hormone that we have in our bodies. They cannot be enhanced by taking drugs, supplements, or by being medically induced. Enhancing these hormones is all natural, and is done with food.

I have spent 30 years on teaching my patients how to enhance these Eicosanoids through diet, only to see the majority of them fall back into bad eating habits, therefore, falling back into disease or difficulties. It was very upsetting seeing this happen right in front of my eyes. I could not get a grasp on how people would follow the Eicosanoid diet and see how astonished they were with the results that dramatically improved their health, only then to see them stop their diet once they were better.

The scenarios of seeing my patients letting themselves fall back into fast food and poorly formulated diets, led me to give up my practice to search for a better way on making this diet easier to consume. I wanted to bio-engineer these Eicosanoid foods, so that you can have it readily available at any time of day.

The science on enhancing Eicosanoids is very precise, and though it can be achieved by you through food, the exact servings you should take in on a daily basis would take years to learn and perfect. This is why I developed Pondera. I wanted to make it easy to use and readily accessible, and as you will read in our posts and on our blogs, you will see how hard digestion is on our bodies. Pondera relieves you and your body from this digestion crisis, and keeps your body working at optimal levels, instead of it working overtime.

I feel very blessed to be able to pass along this knowledge and product to you, and feel that this is my calling. The life-lessons I have received from my parents have enabled me and inspired me to take on the task of trying to improve the lives of others.

To achieve this calling, I want to promote awareness from the knowledge that I have learned from great doctors, such as Dr. Linus Pauling from the Pauling Institute, who also was a Nobel Prize in Medicine recipient. I want to share my 27 year experience as the Southwest Director of Chef Training of Zone Diets and Cooking Practitioner of Preventative Medicine. I have published books, ‘Eicosanoids, The Road to Cellular Health’, along with my chapter in ‘Caloric Responsibility: Don’t Be Afraid of Fats’, and would like to extend the information within these publications to you.

As far as my personal relationship on examinations and studies with Pondera, I have tested Pondera profusely on diabetics, arthritics and athletes. In diabetics, I found Pondera was able to help with fat loss in obesity, controlling insulin levels, and assisting blood sugar and blood pressure levels. In arthritics, I found Pondera helped in the reduction of joint and muscle inflammation. In athletes, my studies concluded that Pondera offers the ability to enhance endurance, provide mental focus, and boost energy levels.

Again, thank you for coming to our site. We at Pondera want you to know that we are absolutely here to help and are genuinely concerned about your well-being. If you have any questions about Pondera, or any general health concerns, please reach out to us. Our main goal is to get you healthy, whether it be by using Pondera or just providing you with the proper awareness and knowledge that is conducive to your situation. Please continue reading on about Pondera and Eicosanoid Hormones, and familiarize yourself with the science that we feel can balance your health, mind, and body.

Pondera is the name of our new product. This name was decided upon because Pondera is from the Latin word meaning to balance, which we all wish to obtain in health and life. The formula was based off of the 1982 Nobel Prize in Medicine given to Harvard Medical School for discovery and understanding Eicosanoid hormones. In our opinion, this is the most powerful Nobel Prize ever awarded.

Eicosanoid hormones are on every cell of your body (60 trillion) located on the cell wall. These powerful hormones do not travel in your blood stream, but communicate from cell to cell establishing your cellular internet. These powerful hormones control every function your body performs. Since their discovery in 1982 there have been over 90,000 published articles on their incredible effects, yet the medical community has forgotten their great and powerful benefits.

At Pondera we are trying to enlighten everyone about controlling these hormones in a positive way. Eicosanoids have 2 actions: one being positive, and the other being negative. These actions are based on amounts of circulating insulin in the blood stream. When insulin levels are low you have the desired positive responses, which are: increased circulation everywhere in your body, immune system improvement, burning of body fat for energy rather storing fat causing weight gain, reduction of inflammation to every area of the body (not only just joints and muscle), rapid balancing of blood sugars, better diabetic control and health but also helps in preventing the rapid clotting of blood which is so dangerous in heart disease and strokes.

It is so important to limit the circulating insulin in your blood stream. You certainly do not want to have the negative Eicosanoid response from diets that increase blood sugar levels requiring excessive insulin output to control this dangerous situation.

Harvard studies concluded that a diet consisting of 30 percent fats from monounsaturated sources (olive oil, avocados, grape seed oil or canola) 30% of proteins from sources such as chicken, fish, whey, or milk proteins or egg whites, and 40% carbohydrates from sources that don’t rapidly stimulate insulin response: fiber rich vegetables, fruits and grains, these are slow to digest.

Through further research, Pondera slightly changed the formula to be one third monounsaturated fats (mostly olive oil), one third pure protein sources, and one third low glycemic fiber source carbohydrates, attempting to tightly control insulin levels.

Pondera is formulated by me, Dr. Sterling Wood. At Pondera we care about every person and their results. So let us introduce you to this product we care so much about, and help you balance your life again.

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