The Key to Wellness is Balance

In response to your recent email about Pondera regarding claims and results, the following will address these issues:

Eicosanoids, pronounced (AI-KOS-A-NOIDS), are the body’s super hormones. Every living cell of our body produces these hormones. It is the molecular glue that holds the body together. The most important thing you should know is that Eicosanoids are the most powerful biological agent known to man. Control Eicosanoids and you open the door to optimal health. Control the good Eicosanoids and you remain healthy. Allow the bad Eicosanoids to be produced and you suffer the many medical diseases and complications.

The one pillar or foundation that all claims or results can be attributed to is the 1982 Nobel prize in medicine given to research team at Harvard medical school for their discovery and understand of the function of eicosanoids (the super apocrine hormone). They discovered ways to control its powerful responses and concluded that these eicosanoids control virtually every physiological function in the body.

How Eicosanoids Work

Eicosanoids are produced quickly, do their job then self destruct.  They have been around for 500 million years but weren’t really isolated until 1936 from the prostate gland and were given the term prostaglandin. At that time they thought that Eicosanoids were simply another endocrine hormonal system. Using better instrumentation in the late 1970’s allowed for greater study of this hormone. Eicosanoids can be seen as the ultimate regulator of cellular function, turning cells on and off on a second by second basis.

Despite the Nobel Prize, the understanding of this super hormone in the medical community is sorely lacking. These hormones are found on the cell membrane of every cell you posses. Sixty trillion eicosanoids. These hormones do not travel in the bloodstream to do their work, they send feelers into the circulation to gauge the environment then report back to the cell (biological response modifiers). This cell then in turn communicates to the remainder of the cells and physiological functions are changed or accepted. This is your dynamic cellular internet.

Hormonal Response Based on Circulating Insulin

These eicosanoids respond only 2 ways: <positive or negative.This is all based on circulating insulin in the blood stream. A negative response leads to large amounts of insulin over a seven hour period unless there is a change to the environment. Negative responses include:

  • Vasoconstriction of large vessels
  • Increased total body inflammation
  • Depression of the entire immune system
  • Increased clumping of blood
  • Storing of body fat instead of burning fat for increased energy
  • Uncontrollable blood sugars
  • Causes platelets to clump (form clots)
  • Causes vessels to close
  • Retards the Immune System
  • Causes inflammation at joints and muscles
  • Increase pain transmission

When insulin is suppressed or modified (a positive eicosanoids response) then the opposite effects occur:

Circulation to all areas improves everything. The burning of body fat for energy and reduction of body fats and working to help this country’s obesity become managed. This is initiates:

  • Exercise motivation
  • Reduction of inflammation at joints and muscles, and all organs allowing better function.
  • Improvement of immune response throughout the body.
  • Prevention of excessive clotting of blood to help prevent heart attack and strokes.
  • Stops platelets from clumping
  • Promotes opening of vessels
  • Stimulates your immune system and retards inflammation (joints or muscle)
  • Stops pain transmission
  • Won’t allow cells to proliferate (cancer)

Eicosanoids are apocrine hormones. They are extremely powerful and short acting with prolonged effects. Endocrine hormones such as insulin, progesterone, estrogen, adrenalin (and the like) secreted from glands or organs travel in the bloodstream to reach their targets. Although they work quickly, their effects last from seconds to hours. Apocrine hormones control virtually every physiological function and when positively stimulated send out secondary messengers to help the endocrine system communicate better.

Eicosanoids Must Be Kept in Balance

For example: If you cut yourself you expect to see blood (positive Eicosanoid response).  You want to see your blood clot to not bleed excessively (negative Eicosanoid response).  However, too many bad Eicosanoids cause platelets to clump and form clots at the wrong time. This can produce a stroke of heart attack.   The balance is necessary so blood will clot enough to stop bleeding but not enough to clump in the bloodstream.

Dietary Formula to Control Excessive Insulin

Harvard researchers came up with a formula to control excessive insulin production. It’s based on a dietary formula of 30% fat monounsaturated, 30% proteins and 40% low glycemic high fiber carbohydrates.

We at Pondera have changed the ratio to be 33.33% of each using only extra virgin olive oil powder as fats, whey proteins and high fiber carbohydrate. Simple and powerful responses that have been seen at Harvard studies and hoped to see at Pondera are increased blood flow to all area of the body with enhanced blood flow to the brain. This results in better neuro-chemical transmission for a true sense of well being, better focus, and improved cognitive functions.

Pondera Provides Necessary Balance

Pondera is from the Latin meaning to balance, which we all wish to obtain in health and life.

This same balance holds true for blood pressure, inflammation and pain, immune systems, fat burning and storage of fats. Virtually every disease including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, obesity, and diabetes can be viewed at the molecular level as the body produces more negative Eicosanoids and fewer positive ones.

For the first time in medical history there is a simple but elegant definition of wellness:The body making more good and fewer bad Eicosanoids.

Optimal health is the state everyone wants to obtain. This is the state in which the body and mind function at peak efficiency. Most of us define wellness as just not being ill, but optimal health goes beyond this. The use of Pondera and proper diet can lead to more optimal health.

Dietary fat is the only source of essential fatty acids that are the chemical building blocks for Eicosanoids. The balance of protein and proper carbohydrates controls the insulin glucogen Axis which determines whether the Eicosanoids your body makes are either good or bad.

Pondera is designed to balance the standard American diet high in carbohydrates, low in good fat. This typical diet results in fatigue, less physical energy, and starts the fat burning process. Pondera with proper diet will assist you in your pursuit of optimal health.

About Pondera

Pondera was formulated by Dr. Sterling Wood, M.D., a board certified foot and ankle surgeon of 27 years. With a concentration in foot salvage in diabetics to help prevent limb loss, Dr. Wood also specialized in circulatory issues and all forms of arthritis. An accomplished physician and humanitarian, Dr. Wood researched and developed Pondera as an alternative to the horrific results of poor diet, poor health, and malnutrition he saw in his daily practice. Dr. Wood felt he could greatly help mankind by formulating such a product. After eight years of exhaustive research and development, Pondera is now available.

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Pondera Wellness® BN HARMONEY is a nutritional meal replacement powder made from olive oil leaf powder, high quality whey protein and fiber rich carbs that provides essential nutrients to balance the body and improve your overall health.


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