4 Secrets to Losing Weight Fast… and Feeling GREAT While You Do It!

Losing weight fast is not difficult.

In fact it can be amazingly easy and simple… if you know a few scientifically-proven ‘secrets.’

Over the next few months we’re going to cover some of absolute best strategies for burning body fat quickly while building sexy lean muscle and completely transforming your body. You’ll learn how to:

  • Burn off body fat as efficiently as possible
  • Reduce hunger and food cravings naturally
  • Boost your metabolism over the long-term
  • Increase your lean muscle mass
  • Greatly improve your energy and overall health!

Unlike most ‘quick weight loss’ methods, ours does not involve extreme dieting, starvation, crazy workout programs, dangerous diet pills, or any other risky tactics.

You won’t be left feeling tired, hungry, burnt out, frustrated, or irritable.

In fact, most people who closely follow this plan feel great while they’re shedding the pounds! That’s because this method works with your body’s natural biology, instead of against it.

Sound good? Then let’s get started…


4 Secrets to Losing Weight Fast (Healthy Weight Loss That Feels Good)

1. Reduce Insulin

If you can limit the amount of insulin hormone your body produces, weight loss becomes very, very, VERY easy. You stop storing fat and quickly turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

healthy low-carb weight loss meal

We’ll be covering the best strategies for controlling insulin but the key is this: stop eating ‘bad’ carbohydrates. Reduce (or, even better, completely eliminate) the amount of refined sugars, processed grains, and starchy vegetables you eat.

It’s fine to have a ‘cheat meal’ occasionally. But most of the time you should cut out the bread, cereals, pasta, potatoes, soda, candy, etc. as much as possible.

This tactic alone can help you lose 10 or more pounds in a month!

(FYI a nice side-effect of insulin reduction is a natural increase in energy and, in many cases, a big improvement in several common health issues.)


2. Eat a Delicious Protein-Based Diet

Our bodies are designed to thrive on a diet based around proteins, plants, and healthy fats. By following a high-protein, low-carb diet we remove many of the ‘roadblocks’ keeping us from reaching our weight loss goals.

The good thing about this type of diet is it can be incredibly delicious and filling. Imagine a big, nicely grilled steak with a side of fresh spinach sauteed in olive oil and garlic. Or an egg-white omelet with bacon, mushrooms, and avocado. Or grilled chicken wings with delicious mango salsa.

fun workout at the beach

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?!

Many of the fittest people you’ve seen — including many famous models, actors, and athletes — eat this type of diet every day.

Eating lots of protein, low-glycemic veggies, and ‘good fats’ is a proven strategy for reducing hunger and eliminating most food cravings. It allows you to lose weight rapidly without feeling like you’re severely depriving yourself, the way so many popular diet plans do.

Over time, it may also help to significantly boost your energy and overall vitality. Many people on low-carb (and even less strict ‘lower-carb’) diets experience major improvements in their overall health. So it’s a fantastic eating strategy if you’re not just overweight but also dealing with problems like diabetes, high-blood pressure, high-cholesterol, and/or arthritis.

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3. Do Small Amounts of ‘Fun’ Exercise Frequently

One of the biggest myths in the fitness world is that you have to do massive amounts of painful exercise to lose weight quickly. It simply isn’t true and, in many cases, is very counter-productive.

Trying to force yourself to spend hours in the gym every day is one of the best ways to burn out and give up on your goals.

top supplements can help you lose weight fast

Here’s the good news: if you’re closely following the other steps outlined here, you don’t need to do that much exercise to see great results!

By limiting insulin production and eating a very clean diet, you’ve already put your body into ‘weight loss mode.’ All that’s left to do is jump-start your metabolism and increase calorie burn with small amounts of the right kind of exercise.

Most people can burn significant amounts of fat and improve muscle tone by doing as little as 20 minutes of efficient exercise per day. The key is to choose the right workouts and exercises… and focus on finding what you actually enjoy doing.

If you absolutely hate spending an hour walking on the treadmill — the ‘go-to’ weight loss workout for many — don’t do it!

Instead, go outside and speed walk or jog for 10 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of light strength training (simple bodyweight training is a great, convenient option), followed by a 5-minute cool-down walk. You’ll burn just as many calories as you would have after an hour on the boring treadmill, possibly more.

Or ride a bike. Or play tennis. Or lift kettlebells. Or take a take a fun aerobics class at the gym. Or play in the park with your dog.

Or do all of the above.

All that matters is that you break a sweat and actually enjoy what you’re doing. Do this for 20 – 40 minutes most days of the week. You’ll feel great and you’ll literally watch the fat melt off of your body fast!

4. Use Cutting-Edge Supplement Technology to Lose Weight Fast

Dietary supplement technology has made huge leaps in the past few years. If you want the fastest and safest results, it makes sense to take advantage of this amazing new ‘fitness tech.’

Just a few of the things the best supplements can do include:

  • Dramatically speed up fat loss
  • Preserve, improve, and increase lean muscle tissue
  • Boost the metabolism, and keep it boosted
  • Decrease or even eliminate hunger
  • Greatly reduce cravings for fatty and sugary snacks
  • Speed post-workout muscle recovery
  • Increase your energy all day long

A high-quality whey protein powder — combined with a complete multivitamin and healthy omega fat formula — should be the foundation of any supplement regimen.

An even better choice is a scientifically-formulated meal replacement powder like Pondera.

It combines the world’s best powdered olive oil (possibly the healthiest fat of all) with the highest-quality bioactive whey proteins and low-glycemic ‘good’ carbohydrates. It also features highly bio-available vitamins and minerals to form a complete meal that can be conveniently used by anyone, anywhere.

Pondera has been clinically shown to help control insulin production and this will support the fat burning process (in some cases even without major diet and exercise changes).

Pondera is the only meal replacement supplement we know of that’s designed to help optimize hormone levels by stimulating the natural production of eicosanoids — extremely powerful chemicals that exist on every cell in our bodies. It mimics the effects of a very strict low-carb diet and, best of all, it happens to be delicious.

Anyone can use this very powerful meal-replacement shake to burn off ugly fat and feel great while you’re doing it (we guarantee!).

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Watch this video for some useful tips on controlling insulin from Pondera’s inventor Dr. Sterling Wood:

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