How To Balance Your Lifestyle With Regular Exercise No Matter Your Age Or Condition

Are you someone that can’t imagine being someone that exercises daily?

One of the most important ways you can get and maintain better health is to balance your lifestyle with regular exercise, according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control).  It doesn’t matter your age, your weight or your shape.  Exercise can broadly be categorized as “Any activity that activates your muscles, heart rate and respiration in a way that’s supplemental and different from the activity in your normal routine.”  This in mind, ANYONE can do some level of exercise.

You may budget only 2 minutes or go so as far as 60 minutes as long as its a daily part of your routine.  Two minutes a day equates to over 12 hours per year, or the average number of hours someone joins a gym and actually uses it.  The benefits are absolutely undeniable.

Balancing Your Lifestyle With Regular Exercise Can Help You;

  • Gain better control of your weight
  • Reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases like hypertension & angina
  • Reduce risk of diabetes, or manage it better if already diabetic.
  • Reduce risk of cancers
  • Strengthen bones & muscles
  • Improve mood & mental health
  • Enhance your ability for day to day activities
  • Improve your longevity
  • Reduce risk of falls, which increases as you get older

Your health & well-being is your greatest asset. It’s when you are healthy that you can be at your best. Your brilliant mind, your boundless energy, creative ingenuity and capacity to enrich yourself all function only when you are in good health &well-being.

But in ill-health, your innate abilities will not be seen, felt or heard. Or you will not be functioning at your best possible.

However, if you really seek to have a healthier lifestyle by making exercise a part of your life, follow these change techniques recommended by Harvard to help you make the needed changes. Change is a process, not a destination. So, if you want to make effective changes that last, take these steps:

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Identify the things that make regular exercise difficult for you. Why can’t you exercise and gain better well-being?

Identify the negative habits making it difficult for you to make regular exercise a part of your daily routine.

  • Is it a lack of time?
  • Do you find it difficult to exercise alone?
  • Do you lack the motivation to exercise?
  • Do you find the gyms intimidating or too expensive

It could be some other personal reasons, or a combination of reasons listed above.   You can effectively exercise in the comfort of your own home if any of the four reasons above applies to you.  From standing high knee-lifts to arm-curling an object of weight the possibilities are endless.  There are several things you can do while you watch television, wait for your food on the stove or even while folding laundry if you’re creative enough.  The big idea is that you use different muscle groups than you typically do, and work them at least long enough to warm them up where you’re “feeling it”.

Find the pace and exercise intensity that suits you, and steadily increase your activity until you reach a daily goal level.   A reasonable goal level is:  (1) A duration of time you ALWAYS have available every day, and (2) Increasing to an increased level of resistance or strain in each session where you can tell you’ve worked it, and you feel your muscles recovering after you stop.

Make it a regular routine! Once you start, keep to it. Plan it and plan for it. You plan other important appointments don’t you?

Forget and miss a day? Don’t punish yourself.  Just remember tomorrow is a new day.  This is a long-term plan!

Whatever exercise you choose – keep doing it until it becomes a part of your healthier lifestyle!!

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