Pondera Nutrition Improves Health Where Medication Failed – Testimonial Letter

Pharmaceuticals are not always the best answer to your health problems. Beyond the cost, medications have side effects and mixing medications can sometimes make matters worse.  Many health problems can indeed by improved through optimal nutrition. 

The following letter was written to Dr. Sterling Wood, Founder of Pondera, by a Pondera customer who was experiencing several serious health issues (cardiac, pain, mental). He was also heavily medicated.  This is his story. 

Dr. Wood,

Please excuse the length of this review, testimonial or rant if you wish of a grateful man whose life has been nothing short of transformed by Pondera.

I won’t go into length about medical adventures over the past several years other than to say it has been a downward spiral physically and mentally.  I’m sure you are familiar with the story of failing health feeds on itself and creates a downhill trend that is a mighty challenge for anyone, especially when you are confronted with consistent pain.  I became a depressed, desperate person struggling everyday to just get out of bed and face another day.

My fear each day came from what I thought was going to be a major heart episode with my heart simply not responding to medications as it has been.  Since at one point I was taking 47 pills each day with medication being prescribed by a multitude of physicians all specializing in their fields.  It was simply crazy. And finally, after changing my diet and while working very hard to come back from a PE/DVT episode I found a Doctor that I could work with to get off the Meds and revaluate my condition.

Although I have taken every prescribed modern medication in the arsenal to protect myself against another heart episode my heart simply put never felt like it was functioning property.  My heart rate even after two Cardioversions would not keep an even beat and forget about any thought of an even pressure.

So, one day completely unexpectedly I was introduced to you as my guardian angels arranged for our paths to cross, and in turn introduced to Pondera.  Maybe as a physician you could see from my color or whatever tells a physician that this guy has got some issues just simply from looking at someone.  But there you were standing at my desk mixing up this vanilla smelling mixture telling me as you mixed how this was going to change my life.  Of course, I immediately thought oh my, this guy has some issues, right? You see when your sick like myself at a fairly young age, I am now only 57, you try anything and everything that claims to help so I have drawers, closets and boxes full of stuff I have paid my hard earned money for that has maybe worked in my head for a day or two but nothing lasting.  I was skeptical at best.  But meeting you was such a motivating and uplifting experience; I did as you asked and drank this unfamiliar vanilla concoction.

As the day progressed, I noticed that for some reason the lighted headed feeling I had become used to was not there when I stood from my desk.  Odd, as this hadn’t happened in quite some time.  I kept working and at the end of the day I shut down my computer stood to go home and just could help but to notice my heart was not as heavy feeling as it had become and beating at much more regular beat than it had in some time. I walked to my car and it hit my mind, WAIT, could it be this unfamiliar vanilla shake doing this, surely not.  But I was Intrigued.  So, we arranged to have my first bag of Pondera delivered to my home the next day.  It arrived so quickly I was just jumping to get started.

I had my shaker ready and was anxious to rip the bag open and shake up my first dose of what I hoped would be as they “A Game Changer”.

The previous is a basic background so a reader knows how a I got to the point that Pondera was the miracle I was hoping for in so many ways. From this point it is more of a review and testimonial of the Pondera product itself and what it has done for me personally.  Please feel free to share any part or the entire review with anyone you feel in your professional opinion it may help.

I received my bag of Pondera and immediately began taking it as directed every day.  Please understand I didn’t tell anyone I was taking it so I would get myself caught up in my own excitement sharing as I go.  I strongly believe in the placebo effect and mind can convince me, although usually only for a short time, that I have been miraculously cured.  Unfortunately, usually two days later, I am disappointed and saddened that the miracle was not meant to be and on the shelf it goes with all the other products I have tried reaching for help in some real way.

Almost immediately I started feeling better in so many ways. I felt that I had more energy and my mood had improved.  Honesty the major surprise for me was how quickly my heart responded to the Pondera regiment.  Within 2 weeks my blood pressure started evening out and my heart rate was steadier than what had become my “Normal”. I no longer get dizzy when I stand up, my heart no longer pounds in my ears and my heart rate even surprised my Cardiologist at my last appointment, he immediately asked me what I had been doing different. My answer was of course Pondera.  Within three weeks I needed to decide regarding committing to the Pondera program or not.  The decision was easy for me.  I have made the commitment and have every intention to continue with Pondera for the balance of my life.

In addition to helping my heart I have noticed my kidneys no longer ache and hurt continually.  I have kidney stents in my kidneys to aid draining.  After 5 weeks of taking Pondera daily I just simply feel like my body is in balance and functioning as it should.  I no longer have the depression of a downhill slide and each day I am feeling better.   Pondera encourages me to eat better and do physical activity I have not been able to do for some time.  Although not my reason for consuming Pondera, I have lost 7 pounds of body fat and I contribute that to my metabolism working at its optimal best.

In conclusion I am simply in awe of Pondera and cannot thank you enough for developing what for me has been a miracle and sharing the product with me.  I am determined to talk to all the people I know about Pondera and truly believe that anyone with heart or sugar issues should get on it immediately and see if it is the life changing experience it has been for me.  I look forward to my next full exam and blood tests as I am convinced that the results will be astounding.

So, from the very bottom of my now better functioning heart, I thank you.  Saying thank you doesn’t seem like enough in comparison to the transformation my body has and continues to undergo. Thank you for my life back, I no longer have a bleak future, its bright and shiny and it’s because of Pondera.

Once again, thank you,

Al Otero




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