Three Must-Know Diet Assist Practices For a Healthier You

The best-known fear in dieting is and always has been the rubber-band effect.  The popular Paleo and 5:2 diets, whether you eat like a cave man or not at all (fasting), you’re forcing a temporary change to your metabolism.  When you play games with your metabolism in the name of losing weight, you MUST adapt to a lifestyle change that is sustainable.Dieting assistance with Pondera Wellness

I personally know dozens that had great success dieting, but snapped back like a rubber band as soon as the diet ended.  Two in particular lost over 130lbs combined in about nine months which was amazing, but today both individuals weight 10% more than when they started their diets.  To put it in perspective they lost a combined 130lbs and gained back 175lbs in the year following.

The good news is that there are some rarely-practiced methods that reinforce the attributes of a diet and help prevent you from taking nutritional risks that can come back to haunt you later.

You can’t be healthy for the long term without sufficient sources of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals and fluids.  Low-carb, zero-carb, fasting and other practices can cause a deficiency in critical areas of health, if even temporarily.  It’s not your lack of willpower that caves in on your diet.

Your body knows what it needs, and will drive whatever forces are necessary to gain them.  Feeling empty, hungry, sad, moody, fatigued can all be symptoms that your body is missing something that it really needs.  Below we’ll summarize your “Must-Know” dieting practices that will keep you healthier and happier along the way.

Fulfill Basic Needs First – Always

As a health-conscious individual you already know or have a feeling for what your body’s basic needs are.  You know how much water you need to drink.  You know what your energy foods are (healthy and un-healthy).  Certainly you’ve heard of the popular personal finance principle of “Pay Yourself First”.   Your body will only react to nutritional depravity for a while.  You CAN use a diet to lose weight, but the results are not sustainable unless you’re providing for your body’s basic needs as a first priority, and hold the diet as a second priority. If you keep complete nutrition involved along the way you’ll remove some of the elasticity from that “rubber band” that snaps you right back to where you started.  Aside from taking vitamins, minerals and maintaining fluids, consider this:

  • Any time that you make a dieting “mistake” and eat something that is unhealthy or doesn’t comply with the diet itself you can offset the effect.  By eating a serving of cottage cheese or getting a dose of vinegar (as a dressing or condiment ingredient or just a quick few teaspoons) you’ll cause the unhealthy or “non-diet-compliant” foods to digest more like normal, healthier food.  The reason lies in your body chemistry, where cottage cheese and vinegar (each in a different way) causes your system to consume the other foods rather than store them as fat or liver deposits.  Eat what you need to eat, but within reason according to your diet plan.  Make sure that you’re taking in healthy carbs and good protein along with beneficial fats along the way.  To succeed you must do this.

Keep a “Lifestyle” Perspective

As you work on your diet you should be observing what happens to be your “bright spots” or enjoyable new foods or meal you try out.  Make them a permanent addition to your household menu.  One by one, replace these healthier and enjoyable meals and willfully eliminate the Least Healthy staple-meals you’re used to preparing.  With those new meals, remember this One Thing that you must know:

  • It is possible to make a notable improvement to your health with ONLY ONE healthy meal a day.  You only must practice this every single day.  In the Pondera clinical trials, patients that made no change to their diets (kept eating whatever they usually eat) STILL observed positive changes in their health.  The Pondera formula is a precise serving of (1) Fiber rich carbohydrates, (2) Healthy fats,  and (3) Balanced proteins.  The benefit of this one meal/serving per day was enough to help every participant in the trial lose weight, lower blood sugar and lower their elevated blood pressure.  Rather than taking a quick shot of cottage cheese or vinegar to metabolize fats and unhealthy carb sources, the product produces a lasting effect of 5-7 hours.
  • The above example does involve Pondera Formula One, but that single dose a day in reality is just a healthy meal.  If you can manage to create one meal per day that contains (as close as possible to) 40% fiber-rich carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% healthy fats you can achieve a similar result by doing this only Once A Day.  Observe a two-hour fast before and after these meals to gain maximum benefit.  These meals (and healthy snacks) are outlined in our Pondera Meal Plan.
  • As you can see, a  “permanent lifestyle change” doesn’t need to resort to drastic measure.  One healthy meal a day is a GREAT start.

Keep the “No-Brainers” Near and In Your Back Pocket

If you’re following a 5:2 or Paleo, Mediterranean, Diabetic or Prediabetic diet, ALWAYS back them up with something additional.  If not, you’re risking the “rubber band effect” and could be taking other health risks.

  • In the 5:2 diet for instance, you’re allowed to eat normally for five days at a time, and fast at reduced calories for two days per week.  Add a healthy meal, a healthy snack, use “fixes” like cottage cheese or vinegar, and/or supplement with Pondera during those five days.  This is so easy to do that it qualifies as a no-brainer.
  • In the Paleo diets, low-carb diets, Zone diets, Keto diet, Atkins diets and so forth…  Use only the “vinegar” carb offset by using a vinegar salad dressing when the only option available contains carbs you’re not supposed to be eating.  These diets can cause a drop or lowered insulin levels, which cottage cheese can contribute to also.  If you supplement with Pondera you should observe your blood sugar closely on these diets.  If you’re not a diabetic you’ll know if your blood sugar drops because you can experience sudden anxiety, sweating, nausea, fatigue, lightheadedness, confusion and other symptoms.  If you’re on one of these diets and those symptoms sound familiar you should change diets and consult your doctor.
  • Exercise in any form cannot be over-rated.  Do something different from your normal daily activity every single day, if even for three to five minutes as a minimum.  Set a minimum and stick to it.  Use muscles you don’t use often, and engage them in short reps of activity or movement. Every single day.   Any sort of “something” is better than “nothing”.  Remember that only three minutes a day amounts to 18 hours of fitness-category activity per year.  View it as joining a gym and going for 1 hour twice a week.  Those three minutes a day over time will produce the same result all year long, to the equivalent of nine weeks in a gym (and then quitting like everyone else).


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