Keys to Living a Longer Life

Living longer is everyone’s wish or goal, but the quality of that longevity is where it really counts.  To live longer and be in a nursing home, or basically be house ridden with constant assistance is not an ideal longevity pathway.  Living longer with the ability to do the things you want to do (travel, exercising, driving, golfing, socializing with family and friends), and requiring little or no assistance is the true definition of longevity.

How do we try to obtain this better longevity?  The opinion of all experts in longevity is based on four factors. Here are 4 factors that will age you the fastest:

  1. Circulating insulin in the bloodstream
  2. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels
  3. Cortisol production
  4. Free radicals

Let’s discuss each one of theses.

Circulating Insulin in the Bloodstream

Too much insulin in the blood stream causes:

  • A constriction in blood flow
  • Decreasing our immune system
  • Creating tremendous inflammation to all joints, muscles, and organs
  • Storing of fats, and not using fat for energy, leading to obesity

As you can see you don’t want excess insulin in your blood stream.

Uncontrollable Blood Sugars

Uncontrolled blood sugars create disorder in our brain and nervous system, aging us very quickly, as well as leading to  pre diabetes (insulin resistance) and diabetes, type 1 and type 2.

Cortisol Production

This emergency hormone is released when we don’t have adequate proteins at every meal and  snack, this does not allow adequate glucose to the brain.  The emergency hormone cortisol really inflames the brain, which happens at the same time as it gets some sugar to the brain.

Free Radical Production

Everyone thinks this comes from pollution, cigarette smoking or second hand smoke, but this is only a small amount of free radicals.  The greatest producer of free radicals comes from eating and digesting foods.  This takes so much energy from your body to digest food.  The energy must come from the ATP molecule that requires lots of oxygen to produce ATP.  These oxygen molecules are partially used creating many, many free radicals.

As you can see watching your diet is the single most important factor in producing quality longevity. Pondera has been shown to help people not be as hungry and eliminate many meals, and in turn possibly reducing free radical production.

Pondera has helped some people reduce insulin in their blood stream by controlling carbohydrate cravings. Pondera has helped many people manage their blood sugar levels by promoting a healthier lifestyle, with exercise and better food choices.

Pondera provides the best type of proteins hopefully lessening the need for cortisol production.  Doesn’t it make sense to use Pondera twice daily to try and produce a longer quality of life?

Dr. Sterling Wood, D.P.M.


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