How Much Fiber Per Day to Balance Nourishment

We have found and proven that just the precise balance of fiber (as carbohydrates), protein, and healthy fats make up almost the perfect diet.  While that all sounds good, a common question is how much fiber is just right?

Fiber is a must-have in our diet, as it can help lower cholesterol, reduce blood glucose levels, promotes healthy bowel movements, keep our bodies regular and maintain weight control.

Often times,  fiber is one of the most over-looked things that we seek out in foods. Part of the reason why we might overlook our daily intake on fiber is because we are not aware of the health effects that fiber gives us, nor are we sure on how much we should take.

The bottom line is that we all need more fiber in our diets. Our specific recommendations are noted below.

Our friends over at Fiber Guardian have devoted a site to all things fiber.  They provide us information on the many benefits that fiber gives us, along with some of the precautions we need to know about as well.

Jordan Ring has written a great article entitled ‘How Much Fiber Per Day; for Children, Adults and Beyond!‘. Jordan breaks down the daily intake that we should aim for in our diets. This is a great reference and commentary on the subject that we thought you might enjoy.

Click on Jordan’s link and the article link in the paragraph above to indulge yourself in the knowledge of fiber, and see how you, your kids and even your your pet stack up on the recommended daily intake.  But here’s a quick table from that article.

fiber per day for different age groups
Fiber Per Day for Age Groups h/t

How Much Fiber Per Day and How Do We Ensure We Consume the Right Amount?

Our observation is that if you follow the rule to consume healthy meals that consist of 40% fiber-rich carbs (such as beans, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, apples, grapes..  See our complete list in the Pondera Meal Plan.  Contact us if you would like a complimentary copy) and 30% each of protein and healthy fats, you’ll do just fine.  Balancing these nutrients will even out and you’ll feel full and satisfied before you consume too much fiber.

Throughout the day your body needs fiber, so it is recommended that you spread out your fiber intake throughout the day.  Incorporate these guidelines with all of your meals and we hope that you notice a positive difference.   Let us know.

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