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A Meal Plan for Optimal Health

The Pondera Meal plan includes meals that are designed to provide an optimal balance of essential healthy fats, low glycemic high fiber carbs and lean proteins.  Our meal plan follows principles of the Mediterranean Diet as well as the Zone Diet.

This meal plan is beneficial to virtually everyone. It is also based on science of the Eicosanoid that controls hormonal response to certain nutrients. It was designed by Dr. Sterling Wood, the founder and creator of Pondera.  Dr. Wood spent 30 years as a foot surgeon and also served as the Southwest Director of Chef Training for Zone Diets for over 10 years.

The meal plan is free. No email required.  You can download the Pondera Meal Plan PDF document using the button below. Thank you for interest. We sincerely wish to help everyone lead healthier and happier lives through diet and nutrition!

Best of luck,

Dr. Sterling Wood