Past Sciences Gives Us a Look at New Health

Pondera Wellness is a new product being introduced to the health community that is based on science that has been around for years, you just haven’t heard about it yet.

Our mission is to reach out, provide information and help. We feel we have one of the best ways to attack Diabetes, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Joint & Muscle Inflammation, Excessive Insulin Production, Unregulated Blood Sugars, Immune System Deficiency, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Numb Limbs or Legs, Cold Feet, Blood Clots Gastrointestinal Problems Bowel Movement Issues, Pregnancy Complications, Erectile Dysfunction, Healthy Digestion, Hunger Cravings, Low Energy, Depression, Lack of Mental Focus, Mood Quality, Restless Sleep, Disease, Illness and much, much more. Our goal is to help everyone get better that needs it, and help the healthy get even healthier through preventative maintenance of future complications!

Pondera Wellness is a company founded by Dr. Sterling Wood, who was a Diabetic Foot & Limb Salvage Surgeon for 27 years and has over 4 decades in the medical field. The formula that makes up Pondera Wellness comes from the 1982 Nobel Prize in Medicine, which was won by doctors at Harvard Medical for their research and finding of the Eicosanoid Hormone.

Based on the power and complete body regulation of the Eicosanoid Hormone, Pondera Wellness is seeing many breakthroughs with those taking it. For an example, one customer came to us as a type 2 diabetic. Their diabetes’s had been discovered 10 years ago. After being given the diagnosis they were prescribed Metform at 500 mg to be taken once a day, and to take the Novalog shot as follows: 12 shots-morning, 14 shots-afternoon and 10 shots-evening. Their morning sugar was on average of 135. They described themselves as dragging in the morning, having no energy and pushing themselves to want to do anything. Their left ankle was swollen in the the morning, and by evening their whole left leg was swollen and numb as though the leg was asleep. The situation they were going through was also painful. There was pain in the bottom of the foot and they were continually stomping their foot, trying to offset the pain.

After one week of using Pondera Wellness, they were able to discontinue the 40 mg of Metform. They reported feeling really good, having a boost in energy, able to wake up at 4 am and do laundry, getting out to go shopping and able to maneuver around to clean the house. They had no more swelling or pain in their left leg, it was completely gone. Their blood sugars averaged 97 in the morning and no higher than 101 at anytime. They said people were noticing a positive difference in their skin. They looked healthier and felt wonderful. In their words after taking Pondera Wellness:

“I am so exited to find Pondera Wellness. I look forward to continuing this product, and maintain good eating habits to continue to get results and lower medications as my blood sugar continues to become normal.”

Another Pondera Wellness customer that had digestive issues told us:

“My digestive system is greatly improved, and as a bonus, I have lost of weight without “dieting.” Pondera Wellness makes me feel full and I feel satisfied! I will continue with Pondera Wellness and Dr. Sterling’s recommendations.”

We can help you through this and want to help you through this, whether that is through our product or just offering you advice. So, please let us know if you have any questions, and please send us your situation or medical history if available. Pondera Wellness has an excellent professional team that can answer questions and help advise you. Please contact us with any questions.

pondera bn harmony
Get Your Life Back & Feel Great!

Pondera Wellness® BN HARMONEY is a nutritional meal replacement powder made from olive oil leaf powder, high quality whey protein and fiber rich carbs that provides essential nutrients to balance the body and improve your overall health.


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