The Medical and Health Community: Why We Do This

There is no better reward than being a health professional and seeing the lives of others positively change right before your eyes, especially when it is on your shoulders to make those life-changing decisions.

Being a Diabetic Foot and Ankle surgeon for most of my professional career, I have seen these great triumphs and turn-arounds in people’s health, unfortunately, I have seen the worst as well. I will be the first to attest that it never gets easy to tell someone that their foot or digit needs to be amputated to save their life. Sometimes, it’s even worse to see the faces of the family members when they find out that someone they love is about to lose part of a limb or a digit from their toes.

People often wait to get themselves better once they are in dire need to make a change. I’ve seen this way too often, and way too often it is much too late. So, when you have a patient that takes your advice, follows a suggested meal plan and wants to learn how to get themselves better, it boosts your day as a doctor because you know that you now have a fighting chance to have a profound impact on someone’s life.

Situations I faced in my practice have now come full-circle for me in my attempt to educate people on disease and nutrition by formulating an easy way for everyone to succeed on living a healthy, quality life. I decided to join the crazy rat race of the Health & Wellness industry, and produce a product called PONDERA WELLNESS.

Now, why did I throw my hat into the ring of this highly competitive market? Here’s why:

  • There are too many quick fixes to health problems that provide no real long term solution or formidable cure. I want to show that we can protect and better ourselves through proper nutrition and knowledge.
  • Medicine’s are accompanied by side-effects, which can worsen certain conditions. Also, sometimes people need multiple medications, and these medication can often react with each other negatively. I wanted to produce a product that was all-natural with no side-effects, and was just as effective as medicine.
  • I want to share my extensive professional knowledge and experience because I know the symptoms and pitfalls that can be detrimental to our health. Along with having my own physician practice I was also Chef Practitioner in dieting. I learned that if we used nutrition properly that we could assist ourselves to fight off illness or disease, and in some cases even cure.
  • Meal-replacements are quite great, but most meal-replacements are not balanced meals. Many meal replacements and diet plans are promoted to be low-fat and low-carb, but these are not balanced meals. They seem good and look great in the beginning, but will often times lead to future health risks and complications. So, I sought out to produce a meal replacement that was fully balanced, and would actually be the equivalent in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins and fats that a real meal should consist of.

I believe in my product Pondera Wellness a million times over. I was extremely lucky in my past to learn the formula to great health, and produce a product from this great knowledge I received. This great knowledge came from quality time spent at Harvard where I studied with Dr. Barry Sears and the people associated with the Nobel research for the Eicosanoid Hormone discovery. Through this discovery they uncovered that we can achieve optimal health by nutrition done through a scientific formula. Pondera Wellness is based around this formula, and now I am seeing the big payoff in those that are taking Pondera Wellness.

Recently, one of our user’s of Pondera Wellness had been suffering through Malignant Melanoma. Melanoma can be life-threating if not treated quickly, and in this case the melanoma was so severe that immediate surgery was needed. The problem with surgery is the complications that can arise post-surgery, as it did in this case. Thankfully, this person decided to give Pondera Wellness a chance, and just wrote us this unbelievable message of the results:

“Hi Sterling! Thank you sooooooo much for all of your help, and your wonderful product, Pondera Wellness! I wanted to let you know how much it has helped me! As you know, I had surgery for malignant melanoma on my lower leg last November. Because of the extent of the excision, I had problems post-op. I had a major infection with cellulitis, and then an open wound. I believe that the Pondera Wellness was a huge catalyst in my healing. The incision has completely healed up and looks great!
I just had my bloodwork done, and everything is normal……..EXCEPT as a “bonus”, my Triglycerides are about 1/3 lower than when I was tested a year ago. I believe this is also because I am taking Pondera Wellness every day. I feel better than I have felt in a long time!
Thank you!!”

I was beyond happy to see what Pondera Wellness did for them, and to top it off, what Pondera Wellness did for their Triglycerides count. Triglycerides is a key determining factor on our risk to heart-attack and/or stroke, and to see the that number lowered by 1/3 is phenomenal because that right there can prolong life.

Another user recently came to us as a type 2 diabetic. Their diabetes’s had been discovered 10 years ago. After being given the diagnosis they were prescribed Metformin at 1000mg to be taken twice daily, and to take the Novolog shot as follows: 12 units-morning, 14 units-afternoon and 10 units-evening. Their morning sugar was on average of 135. They described themselves as dragging in the morning, having no energy and having to push themselves to want to do anything. Their left ankle was swollen in the the morning, and by evening their whole left leg was swollen and numb as though the leg was asleep. The situation they were going through was also very painful. There was pain in the bottom of the foot and they were continually stomping their foot, trying to offset the pain.

After one week of using Pondera Wellness, they were able to discontinue the Metformin. They reported feeling really good, having a boost in energy, able to wake up at 4 am and do laundry, getting out to go shopping and able to maneuver around to clean the house. They had no more swelling or pain in their left leg, it was completely gone. Their blood sugars averaged 97 in the morning and no higher than 101 at anytime. They said they felt wonderful and that people were noticing a positive difference in their skin, and that they looked healthier. In their words after taking Pondera Wellness:

“I am so exited to find Pondera Wellness. I look forward to continuing this product, and maintain good eating habits to continue to get results and lower medications as my blood sugar continues to become normal.”

They again recently wrote:

“Dr.Wood, I forgot to mention that I’ve been a diabetic since 1985. I’ve always had problems with my sugar not being at a low number. In just one day using Pondera Wellness my sugar is stable. I haven’t had to take my Metformin any more since I started using Pondera Wellness. It’s hard to believe that this product/medicine is that great. No more metformin, no more side-effects. Thanks Again!”

Last, but not least, it gives me great pleasure to see what it has done for my great friend and one of our Pondera Wellness employee’s, Cory. When I met Cory he had abnormally high blood pressure for someone in his age range, and not particularly overweight. His blood pressure reading when I met him was 145/98, which is a very dangerous number. I started him on Pondera Wellness and had him monitor his blood pressure over the next week. By the end of the week he called me and his blood pressure reading was 127/81, and now he is maintaining around 125/75.

Not only that, but he also had issues with sinus infections. Due to a deviated septum and a suspect immune system because of the high blood pressure, he would get 3-4 sinus infections a year. Anytime he would travel, he was almost guaranteed to catch a cold, or worse yet a sinus infection.

Cory still travels often, but in the 3 years on Pondera Wellness he has not had 1 sinus infection, nor does he barely ever catch a cold. He says that if he catches a cold it last about 1 day, and the severity of the cold is very minor.

His story is a great triumph, and one that I hold near and dear because we have become great friends, and he wanted to be a part of Pondera Wellness however he could, once he saw what it did for him. And now we get to work together on achieving overall health for anyone that we can.

Please take time to read more about our product and familiarize yourself on the Eicosanoid Hormone. We also suggest that you do your own research as there are thousands of articles dedicated to the phenomenon of this super hormone that we have in our body.

For more information on Dr. Barry Sears and his guide to Zone Diet, please visit  For more information on the great discoveries in the Nobel Prize in Medicine, please visit To find out more about Melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, please visit

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